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    Odelia's possible sister!

    Hi everyone, I've not been on in a while as I've been pretty busy with moving house, but we've still been talking about names but we've decided to get serious again so I thought I'd pop back on here for help! We already have a girl, Odelia Genevieve. We're struggling with girls names to find ones that we think 'match up' to Odelia, while our boys list is quite long.

    Our list is currently:
    Juliette - but DH HATES Julie so he's not sure about it

    So we'd love to hear any suggestions that you have for us! I'd love to hear what you think of our list, too.

    Thanks everyone
    Odelia Genevieve- 6th May 2010
    #2: Due September 14th!

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    Colette is on my top 3. I have an Ellie and an Anna so I was afraid of the type of name not fitting with the sib set, but it goes wonderfully with Odelia! Could easily go by full name, or Lettie.

    Beatrice goes nicely with Odelia as well. It is a family name, and on my middle name list. Could easily go by full name no issues, or be called B or Trice.

    Seraphina and June also go nicely with Odelia, although they aren't my favorite.

    Juliette goes well with Odelia, but I would also be hesitant with Julie. Being nicknamed Julie is kind of the norm with any variation of Julie. You could try to introduce Jules, or voice that you just want her to be called Juliette.

    I feel like Agnes and Winona are harsh compared to Odelia. To me they do not fit well together.

    Esme goes nicely with Odelia. It isn't my favorite, but still very pretty.
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    Camellia, Valentina

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    Wow, thanks!

    shannagrace, your girls' names are so pretty! I love Colette a lot, it's a family name on my husbands side and I've always loved it. Lettie is my favourite nickname too, we'd use that nickname if we use Colette! Thanks for your opinions!

    tfzolghadr, thanks! From your suggestions I love, Celeste, Cressida, Bryony, Persephone, Marigold, Eveline, Felicity, Iris, Rosette, Rosamund, Sabine & Tabitha!
    Odelia Genevieve- 6th May 2010
    #2: Due September 14th!

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    Thank you!! I love how they have a "celebrity name" said together it sounds like Elianna. It was fun figuring that one out! ;-) I am swooning over Odelia. My husband would lever go for Odelia unfortunately, he likes more common. But surprisingly he is okay with Colette. My sisters middle name is Ninette "little Ann" in French. I was looking for a similar name, and fell in love Colette. I also like the suggestions Sabine, Cressida, and Celeste. They sound great with Odelia IMO! Evangeline is a guilty pleasure of mine. Would make a great middle name!!
    Happily Married Momma to Two Sweet Girls
    Expecting Number Three December 2014

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