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    Ariadne and Anja and Lilja...oh my!

    I've really fallen for Ariadne as of late (had it on my long list for a long time - just crept up on me recently), and can see it fitting a daughter of mine beautifully. I'm also head over heals in love with both Anja and Lilja. I am, therefore, after some reviews on the combo Ariadne Lilja, who would go by Anja quite a bit. I know many would consider the nickname quite a stretch really, but do you think it could work?

    So, what do you think of Ariadne Lilja "Anja"? (If you don't like the idea of Anja, what do you think of Ariadne Lilja as a combo?)
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    Actually, I like it. Ariadne Lilja "Anja" could work, imo.
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    I don't think Anja works as a nickname for Ariadne. I mean, I get it, yeah, but Anja just doesn't work, IMO. To me, it's like naming your son William but calling him George.
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    Ariadne Lilja is unexpected and gorgeous. Both names are beautiful and I adore the Lilja spelling. So lovely!

    Anja isn't an intuitive nickname for Ariadne, but I like it.

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    I love Ariadne Lilja, I've been loving Ariadne for a while now. Lilja us beautiful too, and the spelling is amazing! I can see Ariadne Lilja becoming nn Anja, but I prefer Ariadne in full.
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