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    What is your favorite state baby name?

    After reading "Looking for Alaska" by John Green, in which the main character's name is Alaska Young, I was wondering what people's favorite state name for a baby is? Do you like state names on children? Some are becoming relatively common, or at least familiar, like Virginia or Dakota, but there are also many more obscure ones, such as Tennessee or Alaska. Thoughts?
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    Georgia though I kinda like Missouri as well......
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    I like Georgia and Carolina. Indiana is a bit of a guilty pleasure. I like the nn Indy, which is on my list for Indira.

    Kinda fun for someone else's children:
    Florida (If you called her Flory)
    York (I don't know if that counts)
    Texas (The nn Tex is pretty great)

    Fun Question.
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    My favorite is Arizona. It is sooo a GP. Love it! I knew someone who was a year older and her name was Florida.

    Ps. I LOVE JOHN GREEN. I relate so much with Loking for Alaska and Our Faults in the Stars.
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    I love Virginia and Carolina, I feel like Montana could be usable, and there's a Wyoming in the book The Moon is a Harsh Mistress so that one has grown on me a bit as well.
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