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    Wow I did that with the wrong gender ^^

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    Cecilia - Family tree name. Like.
    Georgia - Love this southern classic.
    Pippa - Not fond of this one, but it has obviously been embraced on our side of the pond
    Clover - An episode of Empty Nest has ruined this name for me.... for life.
    Kinsley - I've always been a fan of -ley names.
    Vivienne - okay, I prefer the Vivian spelling, despite my love for French names.
    Elsie - This is the one of the -elsie names that I don't care for
    Julia - Family tree name. Like.
    Eva - I like both pronunciations of this name.
    Celia - I like most of the -elia ending names.
    Evie - fine by itself or as a nickname.


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    Tess - love this, has so much strength and spirit
    Judith - old fashioned but a family name for me, so I don't mind it, like nn Jude for a girl
    Penny - cute nickname, don't love as a full name though
    Makena - don't love this name, but this is actually my favorite spelling of it, reminds me of the beach in Maui
    Dalilah - don't like this spelling, but Delilah is a nice name

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    Madeline - Cute. I'd actually use it.
    Lauren - Too common.
    Nicole - Same as Lauren.
    Ruby - Cute. Maybe use it.
    Makayla - Always hated this name.
    Kayla - I have 4 or 5 friends with this name, it's too popular.
    Lydia -Love!!!! Definitely use it
    Piper -Love as well. Use it most likely.
    Sydney - Too common among teenage girls.
    Jocelyn -Not my type.

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    Simone - Okay, I guess.
    Laney - Prefer Lainie or Lana.
    Pearl - Too "Spongebob" for me.
    Ansley - I like this
    Jazlynn - Looks like someone tried to make Jasmine and Madelyn better, but failed.
    Patricia - My mom's friend, maybe?
    Aliana - Alana or Liana are way better.
    Brenna - Prefer Brynna.
    Armani - I prefer Gucci. Wait, are we talking names or fashion?
    Giana - I prefer it spelled Gianna, but it's still nice.


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