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    1. Adalina - I pronounce the I like an E. I like the nn possibilities, Ada, Addie, Lena. Its cute, even if similar names are super popular
    2. Carolina - One of my fave names is Caroline. Although this one reminds me more of the state, I still think its pretty
    3. Vienna - nn Anna
    4. Lenore - I feel this name gets overlooked a lot. Its pretty but simple
    5. Ember
    6. Aura - Would be a better middle
    7. Gracie - I love this as a nn. But as a first or middle? No thanks.
    8. Maeva - I like Maeve. But for some reason I think Maeva Lava Java. It just doesnt work for me.
    9. Cicely - I loveeeee Cecily. But this spelling isnt my favorite.
    10. Nevaeh - Ive never been a fan of this name. It does sound pretty. But the whole heaven backwards. Why not just name the baby Heaven?

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    Laney - i love Delaney, NAF of Laney alone. wouldn't age well.
    Siena - prefer Sienna
    Amelie - my first daughter, god willing, will be Amelia.
    Halle - prefer Hailey over Halle
    Laylah - too phoenitic for me
    Lylah - see above ^^^
    Raquel - NMS
    Dana - NMS
    Clarissa - NMS
    Lilianna - I like just Lily

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    1. Sarai
    2. Harley
    3. Miracle
    4. Kaelyn
    5. Kali
    6. Cynthia
    7. Daphne
    8. Aleah
    9. Caitlin
    10. Cassandra

    I could only see myself using Cynthia MAYBE. Otherwise I like Daphne but probably wouldn't ever use it. The rest are a no-go for me.

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    1.) Paityn (this name is cute for a girl. Not a big fan on this spelling though.
    2.) Janessa (it's cute. A spin on Vanessa. Nessa is a cute nickname)
    3.) Meredith (I like this name a lot.)
    4.) Noemi (I like this name.
    5.) Alayah (don't like this name)
    6.) Janiya (it's okay. Not my style)
    7.) Kallie (not my style)
    8.) Mira (an old lady name, however I like the spelling)
    9.) Hailee (too overused, don't like the spelling)
    10.) Kathleen (too old fashioned for me)

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    There wasnt a new set of numbers, so I used names from a previous post.

    1. Posy - I LOVE this name, but I prefer it as a nn.
    2. Marley
    3. Lia
    4. Maven
    5. Alessia
    6. Stephanie
    7. Soledad - I think its interesting, but I cant see it on a child
    8. Anniston
    9. Tinsley - Reminds me of tinsel on a tree
    10. Trixie - I think this is more of a dogs name, or only a nn.
    Ladies: Zelda, Sally, Maia, Claire

    Gents: Wesley, Ezekiel, Malachi, Gideon

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