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Thread: Dice CAF

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    May 2013

    Dice CAF

    Dice CAFs are my favorite CAFs to play, so I just thought I would try to make one.


    Your location:
    1 - A rural town in Montana (Pick a Town!)
    2 - Italy (Pick a City or Town!)
    3 - California (Pick a City or Town!)
    4 - Ireland (Pick a City or Town!)
    5 - Washington, DC
    6 - Your Choice!

    Last Name:
    1 - Moor, Cole, Doyle, Radburn, Vardon, Burke
    2 - Schwartz, Miller, Anderson, Maguire, Grant
    3 - Bauer, Berg, Fisk, Gilby, Hancock, Cooper
    4 - Navarro, Paley, Roark, Salton, Tolliver, Newbold
    5 - Willis, Edwards, Jensen, Sullivan, Abt, Cabot
    6 - Bordeaux, Fisher, Faron, Yann, Dillard, Hanover

    Your Name (First and Middle[s]) :
    His Name (First and Middle[s]) :

    Number of Kids (Okay, stick with me): Roll the Dice twice.
    If your first number is larger than the second (for example, you roll a 5 and then a 1), Add the numbers together. That is how many kids you have (So you would have 6 kids).
    If your second number is larger than the first (for example, you roll a 1 and then a 5), Subtract the numbers from each other in the order you rolled them (1 - 5 = -4) You will get a negative number (-4). Take the positive of that number (+4). That is how many kids you have (So you would have 4 kids).
    If you roll the same number twice, you have that many children. (for example, you roll a 3 and a 3. you have 3 kids.)

    Roll for genders!: Odd = Girl, Even = Boy

    Names: Roll twice for each child. Use the first roll for the first name and the second roll for the middle name(s).
    (For example, a 2 and a 3. Use the #2 list for the first name of your baby, and the #3 list for the middle name(s) of your baby)

    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    4 -
    5 -
    6 -

    1 -
    2 -
    3 -
    4 -
    5 -
    6 -

    List your Family here. Feel free to include nicknames, ages, pets, etc.:
    you can call me gail

    □cecilia, kay, agnes, rosemary "rosie"□
    ■george, philip, thomas, bruno, james, joseph■
    ◊guilty pleasures: della, philomena, magdalene, sullivan, caspar, mack, franklin, ferris◊

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    Mar 2014
    Blarney, Ireland

    LN: Faron
    DW: Martha Lucy
    DH: Michael James

    7 kids:
    1. Boy: Hadrian Augustus Faron
    2. Boy: Victor Knighton Faron
    3. Girl: Aria Celeste Faron
    4. Girl: Fleur Aléa Feron
    5. Girl: Giselle Isis Feron
    6. Boy: Sawyer Reeve Feron
    7. Girl: Diana Eve Faron
    Current names:

    Girls: ~ Freya ~ Rose ~ Violet ~ Everly ~ Fia ~ Gemma ~ Cora ~Clara~ Cecily ~
    Boys: ~ Darcy ~ Finn ~ Flynn ~ Owen ~ Benjamin ~ Oliver ~

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    Jan 2014
    Ingrid, Sarai, Edith, Clara, Geneva, and Judith
    Keller, Graham, Ezra, and Isaac

    If I had a baby today, it would be named:Clara Naomi/Ezra Lloyd

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    Oct 2011
    Where do you live? Washington, D.C.

    LN: Edwards

    DW: Charlotte Victoria Edwards

    DH: William David Edwards

    DD: Lydia Juliet Edwards

    DS: Mason Emmett Edwards

    DS: Leo Maximus Edwards

    DD: Evangeline Aria Edwards
    Alexandrina Caroline, Ariana Isobel, Katarina Lily, Linnea Scarlett, Rosalie Clara, Elena Violet, Mila Felicity, Victoria Evangeline, Anastasia Josephine

    Benjamin Emmett, Caleb Joshua, Mason Levi, Jameson Noah, Charles Oliver, William Joseph, Nathaniel Owen, David Thomas, and Beckett Hudson

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    Cool Meet the Roarks

    Dublin, Ireland

    Me: Charlotte Victoria "Charlie" Roark (nee Connelly)- 26 years old, born May 19, 1988
    My hubby: William Alexander "Will" Roark- 32 years old, born January 29, 1982
    *Cadence Adele "Cady" Roark- 1 1/2 years old, born November 16, 2012
    *Cato Josiah "C.J." Roark- 2 months, 20 days old, born February 6, 2014
    **Loki (Beagle)
    **Cartman (Pekingese)
    **Lady (Border Collie)
    **Nymeria (Irish Setter)
    *Ponies: Django & Copernicus

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