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    I work with a woman whose son's name is Nathan Daniel!!! She also has a daughter and her name is Natalie (not sure her middle).
    She could go by Ali, I think Nate and Ali sound really good together!
    Might be too matchy for you but I always thought it was cute!
    I also live in Canada and know many little girls named Ella, Emily, Lily and Charlotte. So if you want to avoid her having to use her last initial all the time I would steer clear of those 4 for sure!
    Good luck
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    As soon as I read the title I thought of Charlotte. She could go by Charlie. I'm not that fond of Nathan and Ella together but I think Nate and Ella do sound cute together.
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    I'm in Canada as well. If popularity concerns you, don't choose Lily, Ella or Emily. They are all incredibly popular...I know several of each.

    That being said, I really like your list. All of your choices are popular, but for good reason - they are all lovely choices any girl would like having for a name.

    In terms of Ellie, maybe you'd like Elise. It's short and sweet like the other names on your list - classic, but not over used. I think Nate and Elise sound like the perfect pair.

    I think Claire goes really well with Nathan. I'm a Claire, and I've always loved my name - it's classic and simple and feminine. Plus it's easy to spell and pronounce.

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    I am a big fan of Claire as a middle name. I have an Ellie (Elianna), and she adores her name!! She is 8 and told me that when she gets a job interview she will tell them her name is Elle to sound more grown up. Lol. Ella could go by Elle when older as well!! Ella Claire flows easier than Ella Leigh. But if you want to stick with Leigh, it is very pretty together!!

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    I'm not sure many of the names you've listed sound very good with Leigh as a middle name.

    How about...
    Frances Leigh
    Sophia Leigh
    Eva Leigh
    Poppy Leigh
    Eden Leigh
    Georgia Leigh
    Ruby Leigh

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