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    Are these combo's any good?

    I've come up with some first and middle combo's but looking at names all day has my head in a spin and nothing makes sense anymore!

    Feel free to swap/mix and match if you think it will sound better.

    Molly Bluebell Primrose
    Bluebell Seraphina Primrose
    Penelope Bluebell Primrose
    Bluebell Penelope Genevieve

    Oh and there will be a more "normal" (for want of a better word) first name but we haven't decided which it'll be yet so haven't included it. These would just be possible middles.

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    I love seeing Bluebell!

    My favourite is Molly Bluebell Primrose, with Bluebell Seraphina Primrose second.
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    I wouldn't use Bluebell as a first name, or two flower names in a row. They're all nice names, but they need some rearranging.

    Molly Penelope Bluebell
    Primrose Genevieve Seraphine
    Penelope Bluebell Seraphina
    Molly Genevieve Primrose
    Seraphina Molly Primrose
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    the only one I dislike is Penelope Bluebell Primrose. It sounds choppy to me.

    Rearranging the name you have would I prove flow I think:

    Molly Genevieve Bluebell
    Seraphina Molly Bluebell
    Penelope Genevieve Bluebell

    Also, I don't like pairing Primrose and Bluebell together. It's too flowery in my opinion.but. I do like All of the names you are considering! Sounds like it will turn out lovely no matter what.
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    So, three middle names?

    No Bluebell and Primrose in the same name, though I really like both. Molly is a little on the cozy side, as is Bluebell, so I'd pair her with Primrose. Penelope is more a demure classic, so I'd say she's good with either Bluebell, for a sweeter name, or Primrose, for a frillier name. Genevieve and Seraphina are both very femme, so pairing them with Primrose makes for a very consistent, princess-y name, whereas pairing them both with Bluebell feels a little out of place.

    I think Seraphina Genevieve Primrose works for a great feminine combination. Penelope Seraphina Primrose is more elegant and sophisticated, also nice. Molly and Bluebell go together, but not specifically with any name on your list, in my opinion. I'd like to see something like Lydia Molly Bluebell or Susanna Molly Bluebell.
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