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    Jan 2014
    We want 3

    Charlotte Evangeline
    Matilda Florence
    Adelaide Elizabeth

    Matilda Florence
    Austen Theodore
    Elliott Hezekiah

    Austen Theodore
    Matilda Florence
    Charlotte Evangeline

    And we'd have to make another combo if we got all boys haha. DH would be sad, he wants girls!
    TTC Baby #1

    Austen Theodore|Elliott Hezekiah
    Matilda Florence|Adelaide Elizabeth

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    The land of weird and wonderful weather.
    I want three children when I'm older, preferably two girls and one boy:

    Adelina "Lina" Sophia
    Magdalena "Lena" Élisabeth
    Leo Xavier


    Isla Aveline
    Eloise Victoria
    Scarlett Rose

    (This has been my dream sibset ever since I was little).
    teenberry . names . royals . history . photography

    adelina sophia ♕ magdalena élisabeth ♕ isla aveline ♕ athénaïs lenore ♕ beatrice adeline ♕ elysia rose
    leo xavier ♕ alexander george ♕ thomas archie ♕ harry lysander ♕ cornelius laszlo ♕ nicholas louis

    i have given my lists of girls and boys names a clean up!

    crushes: léonie. marielle . athena . delphine . marianne . jericho . finley . lucius
    gp crushes: adora . estellise . anise . isabelino . harvey . valentino

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    I would like three children. Two girls and a boy! Or three girls!

    Two Girls/One Boy
    Shannen Moira
    Heather Michele
    Albert Perry

    Three Girls:
    Shannen Moira
    Heather Michele
    Non decided to many girls names I love! (For this space).
    Just Some Of The Name Combinations I Love:

    Shannen Moira ~ Heather Michele ~ Vada Margaret ~ Connie Quinn ~ Dakota Joy ~ Hailey Rosanna ~ Anne Elizabeth ~ Maizy Karin ~ Ashley June ~ Bianca Pamela ~ Mackenzie Iona ~ Christina Wednesday ~ Aimee Louise ~ Winona Veronica.

    Albert Franklin ~ Macaulay Miles ~ Henry Evan ~ Miles Russell ~ Timothy Glenn ~ Morgan Hugh ~ Shane Atticus ~ Matthew Kieran ~ Seth Alexander ~ Dylan Luke ~ Brandon Jason ~ Brodie Bruce ~ Oliver Davey ~ Elijah Mark.

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    I would love to have six kids: four boys and two girls

    Jordan Leo
    Louis Alexander
    twins: John Garrison and Perry Grayson
    Ireland Kate
    Embry Rhyann

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    The Second Star to the Right
    I want a lot of kids! Definitely more girls than boys and a set of multiples:

    DD: Adalyn Faith

    DD: Lila Romilly

    DS: Carter James
    DD: Leonor Violette
    DD: Maeve Tallulah
    DS: Torin Matthias
    DD: Sadie Caroline
    Competitive dancer, hopeful writer, sophomore in high school, and most importantly, name obsessed.

    Bows: Adair Elowen ~ Adalyn Faith ~ Iris Magdelen ~ Lila Romilly ~ Leonor Violet ~ Maeve Tallulah ~ Moira Seraphine ~ Sadie Caroline

    Beaus: Archer Murray ~ Carter Jameson ~ Jasper Elias ~ Leo Finnegan ~ Nolan Christopher ~ Ronan August ~ Ryder Matthias ~ Torin Memphis

    anything is possible from fifth position

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