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    B/G twins - Isla & Finn or Olive & Oscar?

    We have boy girl twins due any day now and are slowly narrowing the list. I think we're down to these posilbilities.

    What do you think of Isla and Finn or Olive and Oscar?

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    Isla and Finn are gorgeous and spunky and go well together.

    Olive and Oscar are a little too matchy for my personal taste, and I'm not a huge fan of 'O' names in general.

    Big thumbs up for Isla and Finn!
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    Love love love! I love both sets, they are both fantastic! Isla and Finn are gorgeous, and I really like Olive and Oscar; it's sweet without being too cutesy. You can't go wrong either way. Maybe wait until the twins are born and see which set they look better as?
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    Isla and Finn for sure! Twins are already compared on everything. Giving them matchy names is overkill, in my opinion. Isla and Finn both have four letters and are similar in style- better, less obvious symmetry

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    Congrats on your double blessings! I believe Isla and Finn sound much more insightful, fresh and Spunky than Oscar and Olive!

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