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    Question Do they really have to "go togther"

    One of the most common responses to my hypothetical sibsets is that they don't "go together".

    Doesn't the definition of "going together" differ from person to person? And what is so wrong with siblings having completely different styles of name?

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    It can be nice but I don't think it's that important really. As long as you don't have a really odd one out (say James, Jessica, Joseph and Zephyr or like Mary and Esmeralda) I don't think it matters. You're not really grouped with your siblings as one of a set outside of childhood (if at all) so it doesn't matter how well the names go together. I'd personally rather have a name my parents loved than one they settled on because it went well with my siblings names.

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    Seconding pp. My sister and I have names that don't really "go together" but my parents picked them because they loved them. I don't think it's that big a deal, but I sound it out in my head to see if I'm comfortable calling their names together. That's all.

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    Yeah, in my mind, a group of names that you love individually automatically 'go together'. Names that sound really similar, enough so that they cause confusion, might not be the best idea, but I've never seen how names (may I add of separate, individual people) sound together, as much of a factor in choosing names. Although, I may not be the best person to say this, since I have this thing about having same letter length sibsets (I've tried to stop, but it's gone too far). Even with that I love all the names, which is what really matters. In general the most important thing is that you love every name.
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    My current top names are Doris Lily Catherine and Lauren Ophelia Daisy; stylistically, no, they don't match at all, but I love them both so much - Lauren has been on my list since I was young (much like Matthew on my boys list), so I feel weird not using it now.

    I would advise against names that sound too similar (Doris and Daisy are fine, Doris and Dorothy, however, would be too much), or names that come from the same meaning/origins (Elizabeth and Isabelle, for example, or Doris and Dolly), but otherwise, I wouldn't say they have to match at all. I'd happily have daughters named Doris, Lauren, Freya, Edna, Amelia and Clarabelle, if I could. As for boys, I'd use Matthew, Louis, Ernest, Henry/Harry, Christopher, and probably Barclay. None of them go together really well as siblings, if all 12 were used, but, to me, they're all favourites.

    At the end of the day, the opinions of others have no bearing on what is usable and isn't usable - only your opinion and that of your partner's (if you have one) are what matter.
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