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Thread: twin names

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    Lightbulb twin names

    My husband and i are pregnant with twin girls, they will join an older brother and an older sister.

    We have a tough time choosing names because we are blending very different cultures that we both want to represent in our childrens names. I am Italian and Spanish and my husband is Turkish and French. We are both very close with our families and value thier input and want to make everyone happy. (i know, easier said then done)

    Our sons name is Mateo Demir (Mateo is my great grandfathers name, and Demir is my husbands name) i don't think we will ever hear the end of it from his family for not giving our son a Turkish first name.

    Our Daughter is Eloisa Peri (Eloisa is used in Italian, Spanish and French, and Peri is used in Turkish) We had a very easy time picking this name.

    What both of us are wanting:

    I am more drawn towards Italian/ Spanish names- along the lines of:

    What he is more drawn to: He likes Turkish names mostly, but some French names as well, i am not a big fan of the Turkish names, but like some French names. His list so far -

    Anyone have any ideas for us?!

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    I have a friend who was born in Turkey, and she has younger twin sisters named Asra and Esra. If those don't work for your family, here are some ideas:
    Eliana(Italian) & Coralie (French)
    Etta & Ayla (Turkish)
    Ayla (Turkish) & Fleur (French)

    Hope this helps. Good luck!
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    I understand how hard it is to name kids in a multi-cultural home. My husband is from India and I am American with Czech/Slovenian heritage. Is it possible to find a name that works in both cultures? French, Italian and Spanish are all romance languages and I would think there would be some cross-over with names. Turkish is indeed a harder one to blend in.

    Off your list, I like Alara & Violetta
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