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    Sister for Nathan and Ethan?

    Hubby and I are having the hardest time picking a first name for our girl due in September!. Her brothers' names are Nathan and Ethan. Her middle name is Rae-Anne. We are not really looking for any name that rhymes with Nathan and Ethan, or that ends in "N". We want something a little more original this time. I am partial to names that end in "A" but I will consider just about anything right now! We seem to be stuck and just need some fresh minds to weigh in

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    Here are some names that sound light and happy for sister for Nathan and Ethan. I favor a two syllable name to help tie her name to her brothers' names a bit.

    Opal Rae-Anne
    Hadley Rae-Anne
    Maeva Rae-Anne
    Zoey Rae-Anne
    Navy Rae-Anne
    Harper Rae-Anne
    Cambryn Rae-Anne
    Sammi Rae-Anne
    Lola Rae-Anne
    Braelynne Rae-Anne
    Marlowe Rae-Anne
    Chrissy Rae-Anne

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