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    Lightbulb Marguerite and Auguste?

    I'm not pregnant or anything, but I think the French names Marguerite and Auguste (ow - GOOST) sound cute together! Any ideas for middle names? It would be wonderful if they were French too.
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    I think both names are beautiful (August is a personal favourite and I love it in French) but I'm not sold on using the French Auguste in an English-speaking country when you're pronouncing it "faux-french", meaning not the way it would be pronounced in English but not the way it's pronounced in French either.

    However, like I said, I do like both names with their French pronunciation and I'd pair them with:

    Auguste Frédéric
    Auguste Louis
    Auguste Julien
    Auguste Nathan (Na-tan) / Ethan (Eeh-tan)
    Auguste Léo
    Auguste Noah
    Auguste Maxime
    Auguste Clément
    Auguste Mael
    Auguste Antoine
    Auguste Noé
    Auguste Maxence
    Auguste Valentin
    Auguste Romain
    Auguste Eliott
    Auguste Rafael / Raphael
    Auguste Nino
    Auguste Mathieu
    Auguste Oscar
    Auguste Léon
    Auguste Luc
    Auguste Loic
    Auguste Rémi

    How would you pronounce Marguerite?

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