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Thread: We need help!

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    We need help!

    Hi all,

    We are having a boy at the end of November but my husband and I cannot agree on a name!

    We have two daughters named Aleera Caroline and Verona Frances, so while we don't go for 'ordinary' names, we're not too fond of extremely out there or eccentric names.

    I love the name Max but I am worried that it's too popular. Husband likes Oran which I am warming too but not sure how it would sound with our surname with starts with a F and ends with an L. I am also toying with a shorter first name and a longer middle name, but again, I am not too sure!

    Any suggestions for first and/or middle name would be oh so VERY welcome!

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    Well, first of all - if you're not picking a name that's in the top 10, or 20, or even 100, don't worry about it being too popular. There are so many more names out there than there used to be that even a highly ranked one won't amount to that many babies. And even a rare name doesn't guarantee no repeats. My daughter's name doesn't rank anywhere, but I've met three more since she was born! Once you name your child you're more aware of that name and people love to tell you about other ones they know. (See this great article:

    All that aside, Max currently does not rank in the top 100 in the U.S. Go ahead and use it! Even if your Max meets another Max or two in his life, there aren't likely to be any in his class. If you'd like to dress it up a bit to go with fancy names Aleera and Verona, you could go with Maxwell.

    Maxwell Arlington
    Maxwell Sebastian
    Maxwell Laurence
    Maxwell Alistair

    Max Elijah
    Max Emmanuel
    (It's harder to come up with middles for short Max)

    Other boys' names that could pair well with your girls:
    Julian (also has Italian backround, like Verona)

    Max is still my favourite. Picture yourself hollering at the playground: "Aleera! Verona! Max!" Doesn't it sound great?

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    I feel like Max is too ordinary/blunt next to Verona and Aleera. Could you use Maximo nn Max?


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