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    Matchy sibsets in real life!

    I wasn't a fan of 'matchy' sibets, but then I realised that I personally know quite a few siblings with 'matchy' names and they work really well!

    What do you think of these sibsets?

    Those with matching first letters...

    C - Cynthia and Cheryl

    E - Ethan and Elyan

    Those with other matching letters...

    J - Jacob, Joel and Benji

    L - Alexander, Olivia and Leah "Alex, Libby and Leah"
    L - Laura, Carly and Alice

    Those with similar sounds...

    "ih" - Felicity and Pippa "Fliss and Pip"

    "ay" - Hayley and James

    "ah" - Laura and Sarah

    "ee" - Stefanie and Antony

    Or other themes...

    Louise and Ioan - Different sounds/styles, but both are very vowel-heavy

    Luke, Dean and Rhys - All one syllable, 4 letters

    Which 'matchy' sibsets do you personally know?
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    The one of those sets I find too matchy is Ethan and Elyan. Even though Cynthia and Cheryl both have the same first letter, they have different beginning sounds.

    My favorite of the sets above is Laura, Carly, and Alice though Carly seems a bit about of place style wise with the other two. My least favorite set is Stephanie and Antony.

    Some real life sibset matches. I know:

    Reagan, Ryan, and Reece
    Elliot and Wyatt
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    I think Laura and Sarah sound really cool!
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    I know brothers Theo and Ivo I remembered the mother considering Leona for a potential girl to continue the O theme...
    Then there's Mir@, M@rkus and M@riell.
    Don't know any more...
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    I know of triplets named Kennedy, Kenley, and Kendall (all girls). Yikes.

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    Cameron (G) and Carolyn
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    Jackson and Jacob (twins; Jack and Jake)
    Skylar (G) and Tyler
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