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    Aug 2013
    Next to somewhere.
    DD: Elsa Margaret
    DS: Finn Augustus
    DD: Blanche Violet
    DS: Gabriel Peregrine
    Coming back after a long, accidental hiatus from the site.

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    Jul 2014
    Five - In A World Where My Favorite Names are NOT in the top 100

    DD Ava
    DS Liam
    DS Micah
    DD Grace
    DD Holly
    * My name is Adelaide Skye. I love to play with names.*
    Saffron Jane Calliope - Noa Calliope Rose - Charlotte Mazarine Eden - Noa Frances Mazarine - Saffron Mazarine Rose - Mazarine Frances Noa - Rhiannon Leigh Noelle - Rowan Sophia Mazarine - Oswell Constantine - Irving Balthasar - Balthazar Lucas - Israfel Ronin - Walter Zephram - Paul Constantine - Malcolm Ephraim

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    Little Misses
    Luna Helen~Anna Reed~Eleanor Ria~Viola Clare~Clara June~Aurelia Lucy~Aurora Madeleine~Magdalen Clare

    Mini Men
    Henry Theodore~August Henry~Joseph Gabriel~George Gabriel~Coleman Henry~Allen Jeremy~Sampson Bienvenue

    Guilty Pleasures
    Girls: Aura~Poet~Kit~Illyria~August
    Boys: Artemis~Kesra~Rose~Dare~Joy~Prairie

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    Nov 2013
    Two kids would be lovely. If I had more, I would love it, but two would be gorgeous.

    DD: Momo Flora nn Mo
    DS: Dossie Roland nn Doss
    Mary, Camellia, Esther, Yuki, Vesper, Pello, Dossie, Susanna, Ottoline, Bettina, Frances, Flora, Andy, Bessie, Nanon, Theodora, Odelia, Dominica, Constance.

    Pello, Dossie, Gardener, Abraham, Amias, Obadiah, David, Lemuel, Moses, Bellamy, Barnaby, Halian, Ezekiel, Simon, Roland, Francis.

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    Down Under
    I would love four children, doesn't matter the genera as long as I get one of each :P

    Elliot Christian
    Walter Edmund
    Julian Theodore
    (in order)

    Rosalie Anwen
    Anna Genevieve
    Poppy Matilda
    (in order)

    Astrid Selena. Eira Llewellyn. Eva Vittoria. Juno Cosima. Sylvie Primrose.
    Annie Edith Evangeline Greta Ingrid Jane Rowan Rose Suki Sunny Wendy

    you look l❤vely today
    Elliot Christian. Thorin Altair. Vincent Orion.
    Alaric Atlas Darcy Donovan Jude Rio Robin Romilly Theoden Willem

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