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    Aug 2013
    Next to somewhere.
    DD: Elsa Margaret
    DS: Finn Augustus
    DD: Blanche Violet
    DS: Gabriel Peregrine
    ~~~In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth~~~

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    Jul 2014
    Five - In A World Where My Favorite Names are NOT in the top 100

    DD Ava
    DS Liam
    DS Micah
    DD Grace
    DD Holly
    * My name is Adelaide Skye. I love to play with names.*
    Rowan Evangeline - Saffron Ava - Jane Calliope
    Walter Abram - Seth Constantine - Desmond Jack - Rufus Balthazar - Frank Israfel - Wolfram Zephyr - Malcolm Sebastian
    Tansy - Tula - Hannele - Maisie - Ruth - Harlow - Noelle - Holly - Seraphina - Sadie - Ambrose - Langston - Miles - Hezekiah
    Lucy Isabeau - Ingrid Onnika - Genevieve Eden - Helen Preeya - Isra Havala - Nula Rhiannon

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    My name is Isabella Emily.
    Teenberry writer, french language student, name nerd, and linguistics enthusiast.
    Current Story: Finding Felicity

    Story names: Felicity Madeleine "Fizzy", Josiah Everest "Siah", Theodora Rosaline "Teddy", Zoe Johanna, Elizabeth Ailia "Eliza"

    Name Combos Girls:Julia Kathryn Emeline, Ella Johanna Estelle, Mary Celestia Isabelle

    Name Combos Boys: Sampson Elijah Blythe, Gabriel Coleman Isaiah , Henry George Theodore

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    Nov 2013
    Two kids would be lovely. If I had more, I would love it, but two would be gorgeous.

    DD: Momo Flora nn Mo
    DS: Dossie Roland nn Doss
    Momo Flora
    Dossie Roland

    Name List:

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    Jan 2014
    I would love four children, doesn't matter the genera as long as I get one of each :P

    Elliot Christian
    Walter Edmund
    Julian Theodore
    (in order)

    Rosalie Anwen
    Anna Genevieve
    Poppy Matilda
    (in order)

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