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    I can picture myself having two, in real life:

    Frederick Aurelius
    Eleanora Marigold
    Wolfgang the fur child

    Olympia Hermione Eleanora Marigold Luna
    Rupert Aurelius Frederick Theodore

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    I'd want anywhere from five to seven kids. It's so hard for me to come up with full sibling sets because I like names from a lot of different styles, plus I have a lot of different people I want to honor with middles--it makes for difficult list-making!! Plus, my favorites change daily...right now, they'd be:

    Elanor Therese
    Lucy Rosemarie
    William Anthony
    Violet Elizabeth
    Timothy Lewis
    Clara Magdalene
    John Paul Calvin
    Lucy Magdalene ~ Felix Augustine
    Catherine Lark ~ William Ignatius
    Margaret Fiona "Maisy" ~ Calvin Gabriel
    Edith Primrose ~ Thomas Percival
    Jane ??? ~ Owen Benedict
    Eleanor Valentine ~ Timothy Lewis
    Elizabeth Agnes ~ Harrison Peter

    Anthea Valentine ~ Sebastian Luke ~ Elanor Astrid

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    Well in a dream I'd love 3 daughters:
    -Scarlett Emily (my real daughter)
    -Ingrid Katarina
    -Aurora Jane

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    In my dream world I'd have 5: 3 girls and 2 boys!

    Cecelia Paige
    Lucy Catherine
    Harrison James
    Emmett Oliver
    Blythe Elizabeth

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    So far my 2 daughters are Madelynn Marie & McKinzley Grace. We would love to have about 5 more kids! If I could choose their names myself they would be:
    Elliott James (twin)
    Sawyer Aiden (twin)
    Julianna Ariel
    Meila Elodie
    Ryah Bliss

    In order to use all my favorite names, I'd have to have 12 kids! I would add:
    Hadley Juliet
    Kenna Avalon
    Aria Eden
    Bennett Scott
    Levi Preston

    I also love Elliana Faith and
    Rylan Asher, but they wouldn't work well with Elliott & Ryah

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