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  • Leo Rafael

    8 17.78%
  • Leo Vincent

    21 46.67%
  • Leo Dominic

    16 35.56%
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    Middle name for Leo

    I like the following combinations. Which sounds best?

    Leo Rafael - This is my favorite but is it too "Ninja Turtles"? I worry people will assume that.
    Leo Vincent
    Leo Dominic
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    I love both Leo Vincent and Leo Dominic. Congrats!
    Some current considerations:

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    Archer Daniel | Emmett Sebastian | Ezra Donovan | Theo Anderson | Lucian Matteo | Milo Vincent

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    Leo Vincent has the best flow.
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    Dominic is one of my favorite middle names for Leo.

    Vincent is nice too.

    The only one I don't like is Rafael. They're great separately, but I do think they're too Ninja Turtely/Artisty together.
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    I voted for Leo Dominic because Leo Vincent sounds awfully close to Leonardo Da Vinci.
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