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    Need a nn for Endora to convince my FH!

    I always knew that my name list was going to be problematic for my FH but as he’s so anti-name talk I always figured I’d worry about it later. Now that his best friends wife is pregnant and his friend is starting to think about naming their child he wanted to know what was on my list. So I showed him my signature (which has now been shortened after his comments). We aren’t TTC but the fact that he has thrown my list into chaos a month before the wedding is kind of stressing me the heck out.

    He tends to like names that sound familiar. So he likes Lorelei (his favorite aunt is nn’s Lore - which I find problematic as we see her at least once a week), Viola and oddly Zenobia. But... my favorite girls name at the moment is Endora.

    Originally he disliked Endora as it was “too odd”. But after I mentioned that it was my favorite he said he would reconsider it if I could find a nn that we both loved. HE’S AWESOME... except I haven’t come up with anything even suggestible so far... HELP!!!!!

    What I’ve come up with:
    Dora - I dislike - a lot.
    Nora - I simply adore. But it’s a no-go as it is his 1st cousins name.

    Why I love this name: For me this name hits a sweetspot of being relatively unknown/underused, phonetic in spelling and sounds good in English, German and Spanish... I just need a nn to make him reconsider it. Plus, the character Endora from Bewitched has always been one of my favorites. (We are currently not watching Bewitched in the house, at least not when he is around so he won’t realize where I feel in love with the name and veto it simply on association - which is my current issue with Dexter).
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    What about Edie (ee-dee) or Eddy (ed-ee)?

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    My first thought was 'witchy-poo' (former Bewitched fan!).

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    I was thinking Edie, Dorie, or Endy
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    Eda (that's not really good in German though)
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