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Thread: Lada

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    Does Lada remind you of the Russian car manufacturer?

    (I'm aware that this may be a regional association so could you specify which country you come from in your post? Thanks.)

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    St. Petersburg, Russia
    I'm from St. Petersburg, Russia and no, it doesn't. I hardly ever see (or hear about) cars of this brand, they aren't popular in my area, so I wouldn't think of it if you didn't ask.

    I quite like Lada. In Slavic mythology, Lada was the goddess of beauty, love and marriage. It used to be a generic nickname for someone you love.
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    I'm from Croatia and it does remind me of brand, but my first association is the (false) goddess.

    BTW: Bohemian historians invented Lada, actuall. They have need for their own goddess of love, as Greeks have Aphrodite and Germans have Freya. Slavic people didn't have female goddess of love and marriage, that role was filled by male god named Jago (Iago).

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