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    Name the families!

    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14)

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    My answers!
    Family 1: The Duncan's
    DH: Samuel James Duncan
    DW: Lauren Brianne Duncan "Laurie"

    DS/DD: Jacob Michael Duncan & Sarah Leigh Duncan "Jake & Sarah"
    DD: Chloe Evelyn Duncan
    DS: Emmett James Duncan
    DD: Leah Blair Duncan

    Family 2: The James-McCullen's
    DH: David Matthew James
    DH: Cameron Andrew McCullen

    ADD: Katelyn Marie James-McCullen "Katie"
    ADS: Benjamin Scott James-McCullen "Ben"

    Family 3: The Klein's
    DW: Cassandra Leanne Klein "Cassie"

    DD/DS: Gemma Leanor Klein & Gavin Levi Klein

    Family 4: The Taylor's
    Dgf: Alyssa Marie Scott
    Dbf: Samuel James Taylor

    DS: Wesley Matthew Taylor

    Family 5: The Williams's
    DH: Robert Paul Williams "Rob"
    DW: Kathleen Michelle Williams "Kathy"

    DS/DD/DS/DS: Logan James Williams, Madison Rose Williams, Bradley Paul Williams, & Theodore Jacob Williams "Logan, Maddie, Brad, & Theo"

    Family 6: The Ramos's
    DH: Jonathan Kai Ramos "Jon"
    DW: Deborah Giselle Ramos "Debbie"

    DS: Caleb Jon Ramos

    Family 7: The Peterson's
    DH: Andrew Paul Peterson "Drew"
    DW: Willow Diane Peterson

    DD: Maisie Ann Peterson
    DS: Carter James Peterson
    DD: Sophia Rose Peterson
    DD: Thalia Faith Peterson
    DS: Liam Jack Peterson
    DS: Alec Henry Peterson

    Family 8: The O'Donnell's
    DH: Eoghan James O'Donnell

    DD: Caitlin Moira O'Donnell
    DD: Aoife Roisin O'Donnell
    DS: Finnegan Seamus O'Donnell "Finn"

    Family 9: The Finch's
    DH: Grady Mathew Finch
    DW: Sarah Naomi Finch

    DS: Sawyer Jay Finch
    DS: Wesley Todd Finch
    DS: Landon Gus Finch
    DS: Tobias John Finch "Toby"
    DD: Charlotte Mae Finch "Lottie"

    Family 10: The Jackson's
    DW: Leanne Marie Jackson
    DH: Jeremiah Cole Jackson "JJ"

    DD: Evelyn Daya Jackson "Eve"
    DS: Jaidon Luka Jackson "Jai"
    Momma to little Theodore Jack (7/2/14)

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    Britberry (Wales -UK)
    Family 1: Wyatt's
    Parents: Jason Edward & Olivia Marie
    DD: Elena Louise
    DS: Jackson James
    DS: Leland Samuel
    DD: Madelyn Jodie
    DD: Bethany Georgia

    Family 2:Arnold-Jones
    Parents: Lucas Anthony & Dean Howard
    ADD: Marnie Alyssa-Cate
    ADS: Rocco David

    Family 3:
    Mother: Amelia Jayne Bailey
    Children: DD/DS: Molly Cordelia & Asher Nathaniel Sampson

    Family 4:Mills
    Parents: Cara Elizabeth & Jacob Daniel
    Child: Dalton Vincent

    Family 5:Powell
    Parents: Suzanna Maud & Henry William
    Children (Quadruplets): Zachary Rayan, Isabelle Zoey, Benjamin Eryk & Alexander Dylan 'Zac, Izzy, Ben & Lex'

    Family 6: Fenton
    Soon-to-be Parents: Arthur Keon & Jessica Roxanne
    (Girl- Lola Roxana Fenton)

    Family 7: Stevenson
    Parents: Michael Alan & Rachelle Louise
    Children: L-R
    DD: Amara Louise
    DS: Harvey Michael
    DD: Pheobe Grace
    DD; Zofia Anabel
    DS: Greyson Isaac
    DS: Roscoe Spencer

    Family 8:Gilbert's
    Father: Marcus William
    DD: Aislin Caoimhe
    DD: Saoirse Roisin
    DS: Ruiarí Cillian

    Family 9:Clarke
    Parents: Mason Thomas & Eloise Rebekah
    DS: Harlan Leo
    DS: Riley Jack
    DS: Xavier Devon
    DS: Phoenix Elijah
    DD: Nova Madison

    Family 10: Carter
    Parents: Claudia Marianne & Reuben Andrew
    DD: Lorelei Yasmina
    DS: Jameson Arlo
    *Britberry* Dani
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    Family One: The Williams Family
    Lucas Aaron Williams, Sr., 37 & Jennifer Alyssa {Bailey} Williams, 36
    - Bailey Jennifer Williams, 12
    - Lucas Aaron Williams, Jr., 11
    - Olivia Elizabeth Williams, 9
    - Jacob Thomas Williams, 6
    - Kendall Veronica Williams, 3

    Luke & Jenn Williams
    - Bailey, LJ, Liv, Jake, & Kendall Williams


    Family Two: The Finnegan-Johnson Family
    Connor Dylan Finnegan, 32 & Ian Russell Johnson, 31
    - Shanna Paige Finnegan-Johnson, 4
    - Sean Anthony Finnegan-Johnson, 6 months

    Connor & Ian Finnegan-Johnson
    - Shanna & Sean Finnegan-Johnson


    Family Three: The Harper Family
    Rachel Margaret Harper, 29
    - Tabitha Eloise Harper, 2
    - Jackson Robert Harper, 2


    Family Four: The Addison Family
    Patrick David Addison, 26 & Lacey Francesca {Rossi} Addison, 26
    - Kieran Oliver Addison, 3 months

    Patrick & Lacey Addison
    - Kieran Addison


    Family Five: The Malloy Family
    George Edward Malloy, 53 & Deidre Aileen {Sutton} Malloy, 50
    - Julian Timothy Malloy, 18
    - Nicole Elizabeth Malloy, 18
    - Jacob Oliver Malloy, 18
    - Nolan William Malloy, 18

    George & Deidre Malloy
    - Julian, Nicole, Jake, & Nolan Malloy


    Family Six: The Mara Family
    Tristan Russell Mara, 30 & Julia Renee {Quentin} Mara, 29
    - Felicity Giselle Mara, exp

    Tristan & Julia Mara
    - Felicity Mara


    Family Seven: The Rodrigues Family
    Gavin Zacarias Rodrigues, 35 & Erin Michelle {McCarthy} Rodrigues, 34
    - Lyndsay Rebecca Rodrigues, 10
    - Brennan Connor Rodrigues, 9
    - Victoria Hailey Rodrigues, 7
    - Keira Patricia Rodrigues, 4
    - Joseph Alexander Rodrigues, 4
    - Charles Michael Rodrigues, 3

    Gavin & Erin Rodrigues
    - Lyndsay, Brennan, Vicki, Keira, Joey, & Charlie Rodrigues


    Family Eight: The Mendel Family
    Henry David Mendel, 33
    - Katherine Sarah Mendel, 8
    - Josephine Hannah Mendel, 6
    - Oliver Francis Mendel, 4

    Henry Mendel
    - Kate, Posy, & Ollie Mendal


    Family Nine: The Cooper Family
    Finn Austin Cooper, 34 & Mollie Danielle {Kennedy} Cooper, 34
    - Breccan Edward Cooper, 6
    - Tobin Noah Cooper, 5
    - Gannon Kenneth Cooper, 3
    - Coen Christopher Cooper, 2
    - Story Grace Cooper, newborn

    Finn & Mollie Cooper
    - Breccan, Tobin, Gannon, Coen, & Story Cooper


    Family Ten: The Hudson Family
    Elliot Grey Hudson, 36 & Hilary Miriam {Dennis} Hudson, 34
    - Jasmine Whitney Hudson, 7
    - Damian Paul Hudson, 4

    Elliot & Hilary Hudson
    - Jasmine & Damian Hudson
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    DH: Edward Raphael "Ed" Tellini.
    DW: Heather Marie Tellini (Provost).
    1. Hannah Olive Tellini.
    2. Declan Timothy Tellini.
    3. Veronica Nicole Tellini.
    4. Aidan Michael Tellini.
    5. Hunter Vincent Tellini.

    DH: Christopher John "Chris" Stephens.
    DH: Samuel Edmond "Sam" Cucco.
    1. Archer Thomas Cucco-Stephens.
    2. Victoria Faith "Tori" Cucco-Stephens.

    DW: Michelle Renee Lafleur.
    1. Cassandra Lillian "Cassie" Lafleur.
    2. Maxwell Derrick "Max" Lafleur.

    DH: Christian Isaiah Simpson.
    DW: Haley Ann Marlowe.
    1. Asher Cormac Simpson.

    DH: Brandon Theodore Costa.
    DW: Phyllis Rosemarie Costa (Martin).
    1. Joshua Victor "Josh" Costa.
    2. Matthew William "Matt" Costa.
    3. Patrick Samson "Ricky" Costa.
    4. Olivia Hope Costa.

    DH: Marcus Alexander "Marc" Potter.
    DW: Danielle Elizabeth Potter (Weaver).
    1. Calliope Annemarie "Callie" Potter.

    DH: Adam Ezequiel Fällight.
    DW: Christina Lily "Christie" Fällight (Kroell).
    1. Amelia Ellen Fällight.
    2. Caiden Scott Fällight.
    3. Ainsley Grace Fällight.
    4. Alexandra Daisy "Alex" Fällight.
    5. Cedric Edmund Fällight.
    6. Cameron Jean "Cam" Fällight.

    DH: Xavier Paul Bolden.
    1. Ella Meredith Borden.
    2. Chloe Bethany Borden.
    3. Emmett Aiden Borden.

    DH: Brad Oliver Borgen.
    DW: Noemi Elisabeth Borgen (Hardee).
    1. Brayden Quinn Borgen.
    2. Elias Graham Borgen.
    3. Ashton Brian Borgen.
    4. Cannon George Borgen.
    5. Danica Marianne Borgen.

    DH: Ishmael Richard Sloan.
    DW: Cassidy Bernice Sloan (Dempsey).
    1. Aurora Emily Sloan.
    2. Eric Mitchell Sloan.

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