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    CAF With Victorian Names

    DH(61): John, William, James / George, Charles, Joseph (LN: Canton, Bray, Nesbit)
    DW(60): Mary, Anna, Margaret / Helen, Elizabeth, Ruth (MN: Strong, Coldstone, Wood)

    DD1(40): Florence, Ethel, Emma / Mother's first name
    DS1(39): Father's name Jr.
    DD2(38): Marie, Clara, Bertha / Mother's middle name
    DD3(36): Minnie, Bessie, Alice / Lillian, Edna, Grace
    DD4(34): Annie, Mabel, Ida / Rose, Hazel, Gertrude
    DD5(32): Martha, Pearl, Frances / Myrthel, Edith, Nellie


    DH(43): Frank, Robert, Edward / Henry, Harry, Thomas (LN: Adams, Eckley, Castle)

    DS1(18): Father's name Jr.
    DD1(16): Sarah, Ella, Eva / Mother's first name
    DD2(14): Laura, Elsie, Louise / Mother's middle name
    DD3(11): Esther, Catherine, Agnes / Carrie, Lillie, Mildred
    DS2(9): Walter, Arthur, Fred / Albert, Clarence, Willie


    DW(37): Gladys, Irene, Julia / Hattie, Cora, Lena (MN: Mortimer, Hartright, Appleton)

    DS1(16): Roy, Louis, Earl / Father's first name
    DS2(15): Paul, Carl, Ernest / Father's middle name
    DS3(13): Samuel, Richard, Raymond / Joe, David, Charlie
    DD1(11): Josephine, Mattie, Jennie / Mother's first name
    DD2(8): Jessie, Maude, Alma / Mothr's middle name
    DS4(6): Harold, Ralph, Howard / Andrew, Herbert, Elmer
    DS5(5): Oscar, Jesse, Alfred / Will, Daniel, Sam


    DH(38): Leo, Jack, Lawrence / Francis, Benjamin, Lee (LN: Defarge, Drysdale, Dillingston)

    DD1/DD2(19): Mae, Blanche, Dorothy / Ada, Lucy, Lula & Mamie, Fannie, Stella / Katherine, Viola, Ruby
    DS1(17): Eugene, Herman, Peter / Frederick, Floyd, Michael
    DD3(15): Dora, Maggie, Nora / Rosa, Beatrice, Ellen
    DS2(13): Ray, Lewis, Claude / Clyde, Edwin, Tom


    DH(38): Martin, Leonard, Ben / Chester, Edgar, Jim (LN: Barton, Wells, Cresswell)

    DS1(13): Father's name Jr.
    DD1(10): Sadie, Marion, Effie / Mother's first name
    DD2(9): Beulah, Pauline, Nettie / Mother's middle name
    DS2(7): Harvey, Russell, Lester / Clifford, Luther, Homer


    DH(37): Isaac, Stephen, Julius / August, Bert, Alvin (LN: Uscherwood, Sheringham, Russell)

    DD1(15): Susie, Della, Marguerite / Mother's first name
    DD2(13): Vera, Dasiy, Lydia / Mother's middle name
    DS1/DS2(11): Jacob, Lery, Otto / Father's first name & Guy, Lloyd, Anthony / Father's middle name


    DH(34): Jessie, Hugh, Ed / Bernard, Theodore, Stanley (LN: Maolry, Dehoff, Ellesworth)

    DD1(12): Virginia, Olive, Evelyn / Mother's first name
    DS1/DS2: (11): Eddie, PAtrick, Phillip / Father's first name & Leon, Archie, Leslie / Father's middle name
    DS3(9): Oliver, Allen, Alexander / Dewey, Ira, Everett
    DD2/DD3(7): Sallie, Lizzie, Lottie / Mother's middle name & Emily, Georgia, Flora / Nancy, Katie, Lucille
    DD4(4): Leona, Charlotte, Eleanor / Hilda, Theresa, Ann
    DD5(2): Etta, Addie, Caroline / Lola, Harriet, Iva
    DS4(nb): Norman, Horace, Victor / Cecil, Donald, Milton
    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    DH: William George Canton (61)
    DW: Anna Elizabeth (Coldstone) Canton (60)

    DD1: Florence Anna Canton (40)
    DS1: William George Canton Jr. (39)
    DD2: Marie Elizabeth Canton (38)
    DD3: Alice Lillian Canton (36)
    DD4: Mabel Rose Canton (34)
    DD5: Martha Edith Canton (32)


    DD1: Florence Anna (Canton) Eckley (40)
    DH: Edward Henry Eckley (43)

    DS1: Edward Henry Eckley Jr. (18)
    DD1: Ella Florence Eckley (16)
    DD2: Elsie Anna Eckley (14)
    DD3: Agnes Lillie Eckley (11)
    DS2: Arthur Clarence Eckley (9)


    DS1: William George Canton Jr. (39)
    DW: Julia Lena (Appleton) Canton (37)

    DS1: Louis William Canton (16)
    DS2: Carl George Canton (15)
    DS3: Samuel Charlie Canton (13)
    DD1: Jennie Julia Canton (11)
    DD2: Jessie Lena Canton (8)
    DS4: Howard Andrew Canton (6)
    DS5: Oscar Daniel Canton (5)


    DD2: Marie Elizabeth (Canton) Dillingston (38)
    DH: Jack Benjamin Dillingston (38)

    DD1/DD2(19): Mae Lucy Dillingston & Stella Katherine Dillingston
    DS1(17): Eugene Michael Dillingston
    DD3(15): Maggie Beatrice Dillingston
    DS2(13): Lewis Tom Dillingston


    DD3: Alice Lillian (Canton) Cresswell (36)
    DH: Leonard Edgar Cresswell (38)

    DS1(13): Leonard Edgar Cresswell Jr.
    DD1: Sadie Alice Cresswell (10)
    DD2: Pauline Lillian Cresswell (9)
    DS2: Russell Homer Cresswell (7)


    DD4: Mabel Rose (Canton) Sheringham (34)
    DH: Isaac August Sheringham (37)

    DD1: Della Mabel Sheringham (15)
    DD2: Lydia Rose Sheringham (13)
    DS1/DS2: Otto Isaac Sheringham & Guy August Sheringham (11)


    DD5: Martha Edith (Canton) Dehoff (32)
    DH: Hugh Theodore Dehoff (34)

    DD1: Olive Martha Dehoff (12)
    DS1/DS2: Eddie Hugh Dehoff & Archie Theodore Dehoff (11)
    DS3: Allen Everett Dehoff (9)
    DD2/DD3: Lottie Edith Dehoff & Emily Lucille Dehoff (7)
    DD4: Leona Ann Dehoff (4)
    DD5: Addie Harriet Dehoff (2)
    DS4: Victor Milton Dehoff (nb)
    Isaac Carl Roger + Alice Astrid Maria + Alvin Carl Isidor
    auntie to Milia Therese & Colin Per Mikael

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    DH(61): James Charles Bray
    DW(60): Anna Elizabeth Bray (mn: Strong)

    DD1(40): Florence Anna Bray
    DS1(39): James “J.J” Charles Bray Jr.
    DD2(38): Clara Elizabeth Bray
    DD3(36): Minnie Grace Bray
    DD4(34): Mabel Rose Bray
    DD5(32): Pearl Nellie Bray
    DD1: Florence Anna Castle
    DH(43): RobertRobThomas Castle

    DS1(18): RobertRobbieThomas Castle Jr.
    DD1(16): Ella Florence Castle
    DD2(14): Louise Anna Castle
    DD3(11): Agnes Lillie Castle
    DS2(9): ArthurArtieClarence Castle
    DS1: James “J.J” Charles Bray Jr.
    DW(37): Gladys Hattie Bray (mn: Appleton)

    DS1(16): Earl James Bray
    DS2(15): Paul Charles Bray
    DS3(13): SamuelSammieDavid Bray
    DD1(11): JosephineJoeyGladys Bray
    DD2(8): Jessie Hattie Bray
    DS4(6): Howard Andrew Bray
    DS5(5): AlfredAlfieWill Bray
    DD2: Clara Elizabeth Drysdale
    DH(38): Leo Benjamin Drysdale

    DD1/DD2(19): Dorothy Lula Drysdale & Stella Ruby Drysdale
    DS1(17): Peter Floyd Drysdale
    DD3(15): Nora Ellen Drysdale
    DS2(13): Claude Edwin Drysdale
    DD3: Minnie Grace Barton
    DH(38): Ben Edgar Barton

    DS1(13): Ben Edgar Barton Jr.
    DD1(10): Marion Minnie Barton
    DD2(9): Nettie Grace Barton
    DS2(7): Harvey Luther Barton
    DD4: Mabel Rose Sheringham
    DH(37): Julius August Sheringham

    DD1(15): Della Mabel Sheringham
    DD2(13): Vera Rose Sheringham
    DS1/DS2(11): Otto Julius Sheringham & Guy August Sheringham
    DD5: Pearl Nellie Dehoff
    DH(34): Hugh Theodore Dehoff

    DD1(12): Olive Pearl Dehoff
    DS1/DS2: (11): Patrick Hugh Dehoff & Leon Theodore Dehoff
    DS3(9): AlexanderAlexEverett Dehoff
    DD2/DD3(7): Lizzie Nellie Dehoff & Georgia Lucille Dehoff
    DD4(4): CharlotteCharlieHilda Dehoff
    DD5(2): Etta Lola Dehoff
    DS4(nb): Victor Cecil Dehoff

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    DH [61] William Charles Bray, Sr.
    DW [60] Anna Elizabeth {Wood} Bray

    DD [40] Florence Anna {Bray} Adams
    DS [39] William Charles Bray, Jr.
    DD [38] Clara Elizabeth {Bray} Drysdale
    DD [36] Alice Grace {Bray} Wells
    DD [34] Mabel Rose {Bray} Uscherwood
    DD [32] Pearl Edith {Bray} Ellesworth


    DD [40] Florence Anna {Bray} Adams
    DH [43] Robert Henry Adams, Sr.

    DS [18] Robert Henry Adams, Jr.
    DD [16] Sarah Florence Adams
    DD [14] Laura Anna Adams
    DD [11] Esther Mildred Adams
    DS [9] Arthur Clarence Adams


    DS [39] William Charles Bray, Jr.
    DW [37] Julia Cora {Appleton} Bray

    DS [16] Roy Charles Bray
    DS [15] Paul William Bray
    DS [13] Samuel David Bray
    DD [11] Josephine Julia Bray
    DD [8] Maude Cora Bray
    DS [6] Howard Andrew Bray
    DS [5] Jesse Daniel Bray


    DD [38] Clara Elizabeth {Bray} Drysdale
    DH [38] Jack Benjamin Drysdale

    DD [19] Mae Lula Drysdale
    DD [19] Stella Katherine Drysdale
    DS [17] Peter Michael Drysdale
    DD [15] Nora Beatrice Drysdale
    DS [13] Lewis Edwin Drysdale


    DD [36] Alice Grace {Bray} Wells
    DH [38] Leonard Edgar Wells, Sr.

    DS [13] Leonard Edgar Wells, Jr.
    DD [10] Marion Alice Wells
    DD [9] Pauline Grace Wells
    DS [7] Russell Luther Wells


    DD [34] Mabel Rose {Bray} Uscherwood
    DH [37] Stephen August Uscherwood

    DD [15] Della Mabel Uscherwood
    DD [13] Vera Rose Uscherwood
    DS [11] Jacob Stephen Uscherwood
    DS [11] Anthony August Uscherwood


    DD [32] Pearl Edith {Bray} Ellesworth
    DH [34] Hugh Theodore Ellesworth

    DD [12] Evelyn Pearl Ellesworth
    DS [11] Patrick Hugh Ellesworth
    DS [11] Leon Theodore Ellesworth
    DS [9] Alexander Everett Ellesworth
    DD [7] Sallie Edith Ellesworth
    DD [7] Emily Lucille Ellesworth
    DD [4] Leona Theresa Ellesworth
    DD [2] Caroline Harriet Ellesworth
    DS [nb] Victor Donald Ellesworth

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    DH(61): William Joseph Nesbit
    DW(60): Anna Ruth Nesbit (nee.Wood)
    =DD1(40): Florence Anna Nesbit
    =DS1(39): William Joseph Nesbit Jr.
    =DD2(38): Clara Ruth Nesbit
    =DD3(36): Alice Lillian Nesbit
    =DD4(34): Mabel Rose Nesbit
    =DD5(32): Martha Edith Nesbit

    *Billy & Anna: Florrie, Will, Clara, Alice, Mabel & Martha Nesbit*

    =DD1: Florence Anna Castle (nee.Nesbit)
    ->DH(43): Edward Thomas Castle
    ---DS1(18): Edward Thomas Castle Jr.
    ---DD1(16): Eva Florence Castle
    ---DD2(14): Laura Anna Castle
    ---DD3(11): Agnes Lillie Castle
    ---DS2(9): Arthur Albert Castle

    **Florrie & Ned: Eddie, Eva, Laura, Agnes & Arthur Castle**

    =DS1: William Joseph Nesbit Jr.
    ->DW(37): Julia Lena Nesbit (nee.Hartright)
    ---DS1(16): Louis William Nesbit
    ---DS2(15): Paul Joseph Nesbit
    ---DS3(13): Samuel David Nesbit
    ---DD1(11): Mattie Julia Nesbit
    ---DD2(8): Maude Lena Nesbit
    ---DS4(6): Harold Andrew Nesbit
    ---DS5(5): Oscar Daniel Nesbit

    **Will & Julia: Louis, Paul, Sammy, Mattie, Maude, Harry & Oscar Nesbit**

    =DD2: Clara Ruth Dillingston (nee.Nesbit)
    ->DH(38): Jack Benjamin Dillingston
    ---DD1/DD2(19): Mae Lucy & Stella Ruby Dillingston
    ---DS1(17): Peter Michael Dillingston
    ---DD3(15): Maggie Ellen Dillingston
    ---DS2(13): Lewis Edwin Dillingston

    **Clara & Jack: Mae, Stella, Peter, Maggie & Lewis Dillingston**

    =DD3: Alice Lillian Wells (nee.Nesbit)
    ->DH(38): Ben Edgar Wells
    ---DS1(13): Ben Edgar Wells Jr.
    ---DD1(10): Effie Alice Wells
    ---DD2(9): Nettie Lillian Wells
    ---DS2(7): Harvey Luther Wells

    **Alice & Ben: Benny, Effie, Nettie & Harvey Wells**

    =DD4: Mabel Rose Sheringham (nee.Nesbit)
    ->DH(37): Isaac August Sheringham
    ---DD1(15): Della Mabel Sheringham
    ---DD2(13): Dasiy Rose Sheringham
    ---DS1/DS2(11): Jacob Isaac & Guy August Sheringham

    **Mabel & Isaac: Della, Daisy, Jacob & Guy Sheringham**

    =DD5: Martha Edith Ellesworth (nee.Nesbit)
    ->DH(34): Hugh Theodore Ellesworth
    ---DD1(12): Evelyn Martha Ellesworth
    ---DS1/DS2(11): Phillip Hugh & Leon Theodore Ellesworth
    ---DS3(9): Alexander Everett Ellesworth
    ---DD2/DD3(7): Sally Edith & Flora Katie Ellesworth
    ---DD4(4): Eleanor Theresa Ellesworth
    ---DD5(2): Etta Harriet Ellesworth
    ---DS4(nb): Victor Donald Ellesworth

    **Martha & Hugh: Evelyn, Pip, Leon, Alec, Sally, Flora, Nell, Etta & Vic Ellesworth**

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