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    Dany, I think Rosalie would actually go REALLY well with your other favorites. Elisabeth, Sylvia, Madeleine, Caroline, Rosalie, and Rebecca. WDYT? It has that sweet, classic, almost French thing your other girls' names have going on. And Rosalie could still honor a Rose, and give you Rosie. I really like it, actually! And I like Rosalie Gloria much more than Rosemary Gloria.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ikfly View Post
    I actually noticed that yesterday and spent a while going through lists on here and other sites. Nothing really caught my eye sadly. I started a like/dislike list and more ended on the 'dislike' list than the 'like' one.

    Like: Fleur, Primrose, Lily, Zinnia, Magnolia, Iris, Juniper

    Dislike: Blossom, Violet, Flower, Rowan, Elowen, Ianthe, Tansy, Posy, Poppy, Petunia, Pansy, Peony, Lotus, Lavender, Lilac, Ivy, Jasmine, Hyacinth, Gardenia, Dahlia, Daffodil, Clover, Calanthe, Camellia, Amaryllis, Linnea, Azalea, Aster, Aspen, Birch, Maple, Marigold, Sage, Plum, Ambrosia
    Oh I’m with you on the floral names... there are very few I actually like mostly it’s the ones you listed (minus Lily) I also love Posey (though not as a nn) and Penrose. I also have a GP crush on Petunia, Ianthe and Hyacinth. But, don’t you feel like there should be more flower/plant names out there that we should like? I think I need to start an “outside of the box” plant name list.
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    @ truenature
    I do like Magdalena and Magdalene, but Madeleine is to honor my step-grandmother. I've think another 'M' name could possibly work, but I wanted it to more direct.

    Yep! When I first heard Callie I loved it, but only as a nickname. I looked it up on Behindthename and it was listed as a diminutive for Caroline. I was thrilled to find out that a nickname I loved could also work for one of my favorites names.

    I like Rosalie. I still love Rosemary more, but I've been thinking about Rosalie a lot since Grimm came back on. I'm not sure if I would put it with Gloria because I'm leaning towards Madeleine Gloria.

    I would pair it with another 'G' name because I like how Rosemary Gloria had my grandmother initals, but I don't like any other 'G' names.

    Hmmm, maybe Rosalie Jane, Rosalie June, Rosalie Clara, Rosalie Mary, Rosalie Amara, Rosalie Matilda...

    I do. I started looking at a whole bunch of lists, but they were all the same names over and over. I think I'm going to check out the variants for some flower names to see if I like anything.

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    Elizabeth Flora (Elsa) - Gorgeous. Elsa is a divine nickname for Elizabeth!
    Sylvia Beatrice (Sylvie) - Love it. Miss Sylvie Bea is a show stopper!
    Madeleine (Lena) - I'm still working on a middle for this one. - Well, when working on middles for sibsets, it can be fun to think of the middles as first names, and see what you add to them. Flora, Beatrice, Hazel, Gloria & ?. Willow? Ines? May? Iris? Olive? Zinnia?
    Caroline Hazel (Callie) - I've always loved seeing this in your signature. It's so full of autumn hues, and cozy nights around a warm fire.
    Rosemary Gloria (Rose/Rosie) - I'm not the biggest fan of Gloria, but when you put it with Rosemary? Bang. You have a gorgeous combo.

    And Rebekah? Yes! It's perfecto with the sibset! Since you don't like Becky, how about Ruby? Instead of some form of Bekah? And maybe Ivy for the middle. Rebekah Ivy.

    Oh, and, just wondering, did you get my last PM? I was wondering if it went through or not.
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    That is definitely new. I've never thought of doing something like that before. I like Iris, Ines and Zinnia, but don't think any of them are the one. I looked them up in The Baby Name Wizard(I can't beleive I didn't think of it before!) and from what they suggested I like Alice, Louisa and Rhea(My grandmas name). For some reason Mary and Mercy are also appealing me which is odd because I don't usually like alliteration.

    Ruby is cute and definitely something unsuspected as a nickname to Rebekah. I don't like it for myself though.

    I did! I just sent a response.

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