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    Question Thoughts On This Hypothetical Sibling Set

    Elizabeth Flora (Elsa)
    Sylvia Beatrice (Sylvie)
    Madeleine (Lena) - I'm still working on a middle for this one.
    Caroline Hazel (Callie)
    Rosemary Gloria (Rose/Rosie)

    What do you think of each combo individually?
    What would you name a sixth sister? I really like Rebekah, but I'm not a fan of the nickname Becky.
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    I love it! I especially love Elizabeth Flora, so gorgeous and the names work so well together!

    I love Rebekah with your sibset. My older sister's name is Rebekah and she never went by Becky, her nicknames are Beck and Becka.

    Other suggestions, Adelaide, Charlotte, Georgiana
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    I know a Rebecca who goes by Becks/Bex or Becksie/Bexie, which sounds better on an adult than you would think. The "x" sound always comes off as cool.

    I think these would work in that sibset:

    Adelaide (like pp said)
    Margaret or Marguerite
    Katherine or Katrina nn Kitty
    Helen (might be dicey with Madeleine)
    or, my favorite,
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    I like each combination of names. On using them together ... Madeline and Caroline sound a bit too close for my taste. Each of the other siblings has a distinct name, but these seem to go together. Unless you want a rhyming name for twins?

    I really like Rebekah with this set, and you certainly wouldn't have to call her Becky. I know several girls who go by Bekah, Becka, or Becca.
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    How about Reba for Rebekah nickname?

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