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    Possibe names if baby is a girl :)

    Were trying to narrow down our name lists! here are our girls names. Looking for opinions Thanks

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    Ellery - Sounds like "celery", not a fan at all. Sorry!
    Kali - It's okay, I'd much prefer the spelling Cali/Callie, though. Consider Calla with Callie as a nickname.
    Remi - Quirky and fun, I like it.
    Rory - It's growing on me. Very sweet.
    Harper - It's a lovely name, but very overused.

    My favorites from your list are Rory and Remi.
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    I like Rory and Molly. The others seem too trendy or too popular for my taste. I would love Kali if it were Callie (perhaps a nickname for Calla or Calliope).

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    Ellery: I don't like how it's pronounced, also has the trendy "Elle" in it. Perhaps Eleanor, Elise?
    Kali: I like the name Callie, I don't like the spelling Kali at all. Callie itself is a lovely name, also you can create nicknames from it, Cal, Lili, Lea.
    Remi: It's okay, but I don't really feel it, it doesn't seem finished.
    Rory: I like the name, but it reminds me of Jory from Game of Thrones, which makes me very sad.
    Harper: Overused.
    Molly: Very cute and simple, I like it very much.

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    I think they're all nice, with the exception of Harper (too trendy / will become dated in 10 years), Rory (too masculine) and Kali (why would anyone name their daughters after the goddess of destruction).
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