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    Put these names together?

    Put together a first name with a middle, please. Then I'd love if you'd star your favorites for both thanks!

    Girls first:
    Emmaline, willow, Samantha, Paloma, rose, jade, Shiloh, Adeline, Gabriella

    Girls middle:
    Elizabeth, Mae, Sarah, Chelsea, Cristina, Angelina, jade, rose, Colette

    Boys first:
    Jasper, Sean, Leo, Jude, Peter, Lennon, Hudson, Daniel, Pax

    Boys middle:
    Jack , William, Edward, Moore, James, Leo, Lucas, Carson, Brandon

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    Bay, Isabeau *Iso*, Lux, Phoebe, Vada
    Barrett, Grayer, Judson, Rockwell *Wells*, Solomon *Solo*

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    Lovely Girls
    Miriam Elise*Ramona Ivy*Poppy Celeste*Matilda Jane*Charlotte Mary*Iris Margareta*Alice Violet
    Handsome Boys
    James Henry*Sebastian Charles*Owen Nicholas*William August*Louis Andrew*Caleb Thomas

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    The tenebrous fissures of my mind.
    Emmaline Colette *
    Emmaline Elizabeth
    Willow Angelina
    Willow Cristina
    Samantha Angelina *
    Samantha Chelsea
    Samantha Jade
    Paloma Mae *
    Paloma Sarah
    Rose Angelina
    Rose Elizabeth *
    Jade Cristina
    Jade Chelsea
    Shiloh Angelina *
    Shiloh Rose
    Adeline Jade
    Adeline Colette
    Gabriella Mae *
    Gabriella Rose

    Jasper William
    Jasper Lucas *
    Sean Brandon *
    Sean Moore *
    Leo James
    Leo Moore
    Jude Carson *
    Jude William
    Peter James *
    Peter Jack *
    Lennon Edward
    Lennon Moore
    Hudson Jack
    Hudson Leo
    Daniel Lucas
    Daniel Carson *
    Pax William
    Pax Brandon

    I think that including a slightly wider range of middle names, especially, would broaden outcome possibilities. They're nice, but I just think that some of them are not very smooth together - and I found myself reusing a couple of names (Angelina, as one) so much that I had to redo the combinations!
    I like the boys' names, particularly.

    - Francesca

    "What fiction could match - in drama or suspense - man's first walk on the Moon?"
    - Leonard Nimoy, Spock

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