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    Isaura, Izora, Izara?

    Just when you think you have the perfect name someone throws a spanner in the works lol

    Which of these names are more appealing? Isaura, Izora (same pronunciation, different spelling) or Izara? Or is there anything similar I've missed?


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    Isaura by far.
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    Izarra means 'star' which is pretty. I do like it with the two r's though.

    I like Izora better for looks but it has less historic certainty to it to Isaura, as in, nobody's quite sure if it's related to Isaura or a contraction of Isidora, or Azura, or something else, as far as I know.

    I like Isaura too, just maybe not quite as much? More than Izara with one z though I think.

    Do you like Isidra? It's a legit Spanish variation of Isidora and I rather love it.

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    I think Isaura is definitely the best.
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    Quote Originally Posted by myosotis View Post
    I think Isaura is definitely the best.
    Agree with this.

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