View Poll Results: Which sounds best for twins?

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  • Lila and Eden

    52 28.11%
  • Ivy and Eden

    37 20.00%
  • India and Eden (or Indianna)?

    8 4.32%
  • Stella and Charlotte

    67 36.22%
  • Stella and Eva

    21 11.35%
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    Twins... Which do you prefer?

    I am still struggling with naming our twin girls. I would love you to vote and if possible comment on your thoughts. I am also open to other suggestions.


    Note I am not sure about India or Indianna, but love the nickname Indie, so have paired these options with Eden in the poll.
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    There are no names we could vote on
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    Stella and Charlotte, while neither are my style, work best together without being too matchy - Lily (to avoid the matchy ending) and Eva would be nice though.

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    I chose Lila and Eden. GORGEOUS names!
    For the nickname Indie you could do Indira, which I think is also a pretty name.
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    I voted for Ivy and Eden.

    My favourite names from your list are Ivy and Eva, but they are a little too matchy together!

    You could get nickname Indie from Indigo, Indira, Indra/Indre or even something like Dorinda, Jacinda, Melinda?
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