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    9 weeks to go and need help!

    I have 9 weeks until my due date. We do not know baby's gender.
    I posted a while ago, but nothing seemed to work for us.
    We have 3 boys
    Jesse Nicholas
    Owen John
    Shea (pronounced Shaye) Terry

    Our last name is long, so we prefer shorter names.
    I only need suggestions for 1st names as middle names will be after someone. We do not know yet what the middle name will be (possibly Gray for a boy and Anne or Grace for a girl).
    We need suggestions for both girl and boy first names.
    Please don't just give a list of your favourites, but names that actually go with our other names.
    Last time I posted I had someone suggest the name Shane. . . we already have a Shea.
    Thanks for your thoughtful responses

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    Lorelai Violet - Louisa Mae - Clara Elizabeth - Verity Jane - Isla Genevieve

    Dashiell Emmett - Theo Lucian - Leo Benjamin - Finley Cassius - Eli Oliver


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