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    What do you think of these names that I have picked out?

    These are my favorite boy names! What do you think of them?

    James Shadow
    Loki Matthew
    Royal Aramis
    Ico ???
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    I think Royal is a really strong virtue name that is better suited for the middle name spot. I think Royal is a good nickname option for a first name such as Royce.
    Aramis is so handsome.
    The others are not my taste, except James, though I like Jamison better.

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    James is good. Cutler is all right as a middle name.

    Royal is not a virtue, it's just an adjective to describe people from certain families. I think Royal is quite pretentious as a name. Aramis is a lot better.

    The other two sound like cartoon characters to me.
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    TBH I don't like any of them.

    James Cutler & Royal Aramis are the better ones out of the four, but I'm not crazy about Cutler or Aramis.
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    Individually, they are adventurous (being unusual and evoke an adventurer type), but as a grouping, they seem like fictional characters.

    I'm just a third-culture girl with an affinity for names.

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