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    What do you think of these names that I have picked out?

    So.. what do you think of these names?
    I fixed it up a bit.

    Boys: James Shadow, Royal Aramis, Loki Matthew, Ico ??
    Girls: Betsy Kate, Rena Arwen, Liberty May?, Zinnia Hope?
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    James Cutler :: I like James as a GP name. Cutler sounds very violent...
    Loki Shadow :: I really like Loki, again as a GP name. Shadow is a horrible name
    Royal Aramis :: Horrible, just horrible.
    Ico Blade :: Again with Royal. Ugh!!

    Betsy Kate :: Meh, I dont like these names. But its a cute combo
    Zinnia May :: Zinnia is pretty. May is over used
    Liberty Kate :: I dont like how this sounds
    Rena Arwen :: The repeating R sound isnt good.
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    James is nice and classic, Cutler is a bit intense for my liking.
    Loki and Shadow sound like pet's names, and any boy named Royal would probably get teased a lot.
    Ico Blade is also too intense. Nico is a nice name, I prefer Nico Blaze which is very similar just less bad

    Betsy is a bit old ladyish to me but the combo is okay
    Zinnia isn't my style, but I like May
    Liberty is again not really my style
    Rena Arwen is actually pretty okay.

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    Ok, so with the help of someone from a different baby website, I tweaked the names a bit.

    Royal Aramis is staying. Ok, I might change the middle name, but Royal must stay.
    Betsy Kate is staying. I love both those names.
    Rena Arwen is staying.

    I am changing-
    James Cutler to James Shadow.
    Loki Shadow to Loki ??
    Ico Blade to Ico ??
    And possibly Liberty Hope to Liberty May and Zinnia May to Zinnia Hope. I will have to think about it.

    James Shadow
    Royal Aramis
    Loki ??
    Ico ??
    Betsy Kate
    Rena Arwen
    Liberty May??
    Zinnia Hope??

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    Loki, with or without mn Shadow, is totally Thor's brother...

    I like Zinnia May alot and Nico Blaze, a suggestion from pp "colfr" is, much more agreeable.
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