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    A combo that feels like these?

    I've been struggling to find the perfect balance for my Anne-Sophie combo, and while I've come up with a good many that I like, none are really seeming perfect. Any ideas along these veins that just seem to sing?

    Anne-Sophie Eleanor
    Anne-Sophie Emilia
    Anne-Sophie Fleur
    Anne-Sophie Hélène
    Anne-Sophie Iris
    Anne-Sophie Lark/Lærke/Laerke
    Anne-Sophie Lisette
    Anne-Sophie Magritte
    Anne-Sophie Odette
    Anne-Sophie Rosamund

    I'd like something with a European vibe, particularly French, but I'm really open to anything that sort of feels like these. Anne-Sophie Emilia and Anne-Sophie Rosamund are my favorites, atm, but they still seem to be missing that je ne sais quoi... There are some I like, such as Anne-Sophie Zoe, Anne-Sophie Penelope, and Anne-Sophie Ophélie, but they just sound ridiculous. Any ideas?

    Thanks, ladies!
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    Anne-Sophie Fleur or Odette seem to have the right amount of French appeal while still being pronounceable in the states.

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    I agree with you, Anne-Sophie Emilia is my favorite from your list. With Anne-Sophie Margritte in 2nd place. Judyariel mentioned Anne-Sophie Estelle which I find very pretty.
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    I assume you're saying Anne-Sophie the french way, which I love! (I actually love both of them, but the french way is a little bit prettier to me). Anyway, it's a gorgeous name! I'd love to meet a little Anne-Sophie or Anne-Marie.

    I love Anne-Sophie Helene! I think any variations of Eleanor would fit beautifully as well!

    Anne-Sophie Manon
    Anne-Sophie Pomeline (too much?)
    Anne-Sophie Mazarine
    Anne-Sophie Margaux
    Anne-Sophie Bénédicte
    Anne-Sophie Camille
    Anne-Sophie Capucine
    Anne-Sophie Caprice
    Anne-Sophe Clémence
    Anne-Sophie Eléanore

    Anne-Sophie Estelle
    Anne-Sophie Frédérique
    Anne-Sophie Marguerite
    Anne-Sophie Madeleine
    Anne-Sophie Maëlle
    Anne-Sophie Mathilde
    Anne-Sophie Nouvel
    Anne-Sophie Odile
    Anne-Sophie Rosemonde
    Anne-Sophie Victoire
    Anne-Sophie Vivienne
    Anne-Sophie Veronique
    Anne-Sophie Océane
    Anne-Sophie Maeva

    Anne-Sophie Ninon
    Anne-Sophie Malou
    Anne-Sophie Lilou
    Anne-Sophie Aurore
    Anne-Sophie Ludivine

    Anne-Sophie Emmanuelle
    Anne-Sophie Noelle
    Anne-Sophie Alienor
    Anne-Sophie Eloise
    Anne-Sophie Louise
    Anne-Sophie Louisa
    Anne-Sophie Caroline
    Anne-Sophie Athénaïs
    Anne-Sophie Bérangère
    Anne-Sophie Lenore
    Anne-Sophie Léonore

    I hope it was useful. I found it pretty hard to find good middles for Anne-Sophie! Guess it's something common with hyphenated names.

    Best wishes.
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