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    General critique of my favourites?

    Okay, so my list looks something like this right now, I'd love to hear what you think:

    Eilidh (AY-lee)
    Lettice (luh-TEES)
    Ailbhe (Alva)

    and I'm probably adding Ophelia or Octavia, I just can't choose my favourite right now. I'd love some feedback
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    Fenella- not my style, but I can see the appeal. Briella?
    Jemima- a little old for me, I guess.
    Beatrix- love this! I find it more vivacious than Beatrice.
    Eilidh (AY-lee)- here in the USA, it would get mangled horribly. A pretty name, though.
    Sibylla/Billie- much prefer Sibyl. Sibylla feels heavy to me, and Billie is a no-no for me.
    Jessa- Tessa? Jessamine?
    Clementine- I'm quite fond of this one.
    Annabella- a little heavy for me. Prefer Annabel.
    Lettice (luh-TEES)- reminds of lettuce, and I doubt many would pronounce it as you do.
    Ailbhe (Alva)- same thing as Eilidh.
    Rosemary/Romy- pretty.
    Amelia- pretty. A little trendy for me though.

    I feel like Ophelia is still tied to Shakespeare. Octavia is lovely though; just expect the question "Is she really your eighth child?" Both are pretty names though.
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    Fenella - Always reminds me of Fennel - not a bad thing, but it IS a vegetable or whatever
    Eilidh (AY-lee) - this is the name of a girl that stole a boyfriend from me so I can never like it. :P
    Sibylla/Billie - I prefer sybil to be honest
    Jessa - Short and sweet, like it!
    Clementine - a bit too frou-frou for my tastes
    Annabella - very sweet, like this one a lot
    Lettice (luh-TEES) - no matter what I'll always read 'lettuce'
    Ailbhe (Alva) - I think that she'd always have so much trouble with people saying/spelling it wrong
    Rosemary/Romy - very cute, love the nickname
    Amelia - I like it, but it's the number one girls name where I live so it's too common for my liking at the moment
    Celeste/Celestine - I like it!

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    Fenella: I think you have better -ella names on your list.
    Jemima: Cute! Nickname Jemma would be adorable.
    Beatrix: I really like Beatrix - so fiery yet wearable.
    Eilidh (AY-lee): very pretty, but oh, those Irish names, how they baffle non-name nerds!
    Sibylla/Billie: I have never liked the sound of this.
    Jessa: Pretty! I think this can stand on its own, but have you ever considered Jessamine nn Jessa?
    Clementine: Never my favorite, but it's grown on me. I still think of the fruit, though.
    Annabella: beautiful! I think it's a dazzling name.
    Lettice (luh-TEES): It sounds a little made up to be honest. And I hate to be blunt, but it reminds me of lettuce.
    Ailbhe (Alva): I don't find the sound very attractive, but there's nothing really wrong with it.
    Rosemary/Romy: I prefer Rosemarie, but I have a good friend named Rosemary ("Rose") so it has good associations for me. Romy is an awesome nickname.
    Amelia: Very pretty. I've heard it's pretty popular, but I haven't seen it very often.
    Celeste/Celestine: I love Celestine. So pristine and sparkly!
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    Fenella- It just reminds me of Fennel.
    Jemima- Quite nice (too close to my name)
    Beatrix- Love!!! Love!!! Love!!!
    Eilidh (AY-lee)- Not a fan of the sound, I love how it looks.
    Sibylla/Billie- This one's cute.
    Jessa- I prefer this as a nn for Jessamine.
    Clementine- Okay
    Annabella- I prefer Arabella a lot more.
    Lettice (luh-TEES)- There's something about Lettice I don't like, probably because it reminds me of Letitia, which I really don't like.
    Ailbhe (Alva)- Love!!!
    Rosemary/Romy- Romy's cute! And I quite like Rosemary as well (just the name, I hate the herb :P)
    Amelia- Reminds me of Amy Pond, from Doctor Who (), so I have a soft spot for the name, but I also know two in my year, and it's getting quite popular atm (I think).

    I don't really like Octavia or Ophelia (or many O names), so I'll just pick Ophelia.
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