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    No, it would not be weird to use Catherine "Kate". I much prefer Catherine over Katherine and Kate over Cate.
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    I also think, and don't laugh, but I find Catherine much softer and Katherine a little more harsh. I know that sounds bizarre and my husband says I'm an idiot, lol, but that's just my thought on it. Crazy????

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    It’s not weird but I always find it super confusing as I use how the nn is spelled as a signal to know how to spell the full name. (This is purely a Catherine variant thing as there are so many legitimate spellings).
    Cate = Catherine
    Kate = Katherine/Kathryn
    Katie = Katherine
    Katy = Kathryn
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    Not weird at all. I know a Catherine who goes by Katie
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    I love Catherine nn Kate too. It's not a problem, imo. Look at the Duchess.
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