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  • VEE-o-la

    5 9.09%
  • vee-O-la

    14 25.45%
  • VYE-o-la

    11 20.00%
  • vye-O-la

    25 45.45%
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    VIOLA Pronunciation

    I've looked at many different sites and people pronounce it differently everywhere.
    It's either Vee-O-la / VEE-o-la / VYE-o-la or Vye-O-la.

    So how do YOU pronounce Viola?
    Which pronunciation is the prettiest to you?
    If you don't mind adding - where are you from?
    And what do you think about the name?

    (My preferred pronunciation would be Vee-O-la)

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    I pronounce it vee-OH-la, too. I guess that's the prettiest way to say it. I'm from the southwestern US. The name is nice, although it's a little too operatic for my tastes.

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    I know someone with this name, it's pronounced VYE-o-la, or I think actually they might not say the o part very strongly so it's more like VYE-la. Basically it's Violet with the -et chopped off and an -a added on. This is also my favorite way to pronounce it. I don't really like the vee-O-la pronunciation. Like the instrument. I don't know anyone else with this name so I wouldn't say there is any common way of saying it in my area. I live in the midwest US.

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    St. Petersburg, Russia
    In Russia it's pronounced Vee-OH-lah, so this is how I'm used to pronouncing it. I like Viy-OH-lah better, though.
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    I pronounce it vye-oh-la. This is the most natural pronunciation for me and also me favorite. I grew up in southern Germany but currently live in Washington DC.
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