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Thread: Picture Game :)

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    Picture Game :)

    Find the pictures and name your family! Can also find pictures of house, clothes, etc., if you want. is a good site.
    Please pray for Lucy, her and her family need your support:

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    Re: Picture Game :)

    I'd love to do this but I don't know how to post pictures or links! :( Can someone tell me how?

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    Re: Picture Game :)

    The Edwards

    Name - Jonathan Geoffrey Edwards "Jon"
    Age - 43
    Job - Business Lawyer

    Name - Lillian Jane Edwards "Lily"
    Age - 41
    Job - English High School Teacher

    The Kids:

    Oldest Boy: The boy with the long brown hair.
    Name - Joseph Nathaniel Edwards "Joe"
    Age - 17
    Job - Student

    Oldest Girl: Girl with little girl on her lap.
    Name - Annabelle Kaitlyn Edwards "Anna"
    Age - 15
    Job - Student

    Twin Girl: Girl standing up.
    Name - Elizabeth Penelope Edwards "Liz"
    Age - 13
    Job - Student

    Twin Boy: Boy standing up.
    Name - Robert Wilson Edwards "Rob"
    Age - 14
    Job - Stundent

    Youngest Girl: Girl sitting on oldest girl's lap.
    Name - Cecilia Madeline Edwards "Sissy"
    Age - 8
    Job - Stundent

    Main Home:

    Vacation Home:


    Jasper and Roselyn

    There you go.

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    Re: Picture Game :)

    Hi! My name is Kaitlin and this is my family. My full name is Kaitlin Elizabeth Holland, and I'm 31. I'm the director of a childcare center which I opened three years ago, it is called Visions and we have classrooms where visually-impaired and seeing students work together. We've done really well so far! I have blonde hair and blue-grey eyes.
    This is me:

    My husband is Dr. Christopher Ray Holland. He's 32 and is a forensic psychologist. He works full time at the local prison rehabilitating inmates. Chris also serves as an expert witness in a lot of criminal trials. He was recently offered a teaching position at the local university. Chris has white hair and blue eyes.
    Chris looks like this:

    We have four children and I am currently pregnant with our fifth and last. The oldest is Susannah Florence, nine. She goes by 'Sunny' for short. Sunny loves to be outside. She doesn't love school, but she does well -- As and Bs, mostly. Her favorite subject is science, and she takes dance (hip-hop, tap, and ballet) lessons as well as riding horseback. She has blonde hair and bright blue eyes.
    Sunny looks like this:

    Our second is Meredith Lenore, seven. Merry, contrary to her older sister, loves school but does best in English. She writes poems and stories all the time, and carries her diary with her everywhere. Meredith is no slouch though! She keeps up with her sister by swimming and taking horseback riding lessons. Merry has curly blonde hair and grey-green eyes.
    Meredith looks like this:

    Our middle child is Dodge Edmond, four. He's in his second year of "big kid" preschool and is absolutely loving it. He does go to Visions, but he is in one of the other teachers' classes. Dodge loves his class. He gets to do lots of art and science activities, which is great because he loves getting messy. Chris takes Dodge to a weekly father-son cooking class (which I love, because it gets my two men out of the house for two hours!). Like his daddy, Dodge has albinism, so he has white hair and pale blue eyes.
    Dodge looks like this:

    Number four is Sophia Dawn, two. Sophia is in the older toddler room at Visions and is the "little mommy" of her peers, as Miss Blakely says. She likes to be read to but her favorite thing is to play house with her baby dolls. Sophie has blonde hair and big blue-grey eyes.
    Sophia looks like this:

    And last but not least, we are pregnant again... with a surprise little girl! We're both a little sad that Dodge won't have a brother, but he gets doted on by his two older sisters, so we think he'll be just fine. We've decided to name no. 5 Caroline Louisa 'Cara'. Thanks for visiting us!

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    Re: Picture Game :)

    Hi! My name is Lily Aniston. I am a stay-at-home mom to my four beautiful children. My husband, Eli Jasper, works as an entertainment lawyer in our Southern California town. We've been married for ten years and couldn't be happier!

    Finn Xavier - Finn just turned nine. He was our first and suprisingly easiest baby. He is in the third grade at his school and loves to read. In the fall he plays football and in the spring he plays lacrosse. You can always find him in the background with his daddy!

    Mason Beckett - Mason is six years old. He has a strong personality. He is outgoing and always making people laugh. He enjoys swimming and lacrosse like his big brother!

    Ivy Charlotte - Ivy is three. She is mommy's little girl and loves chasing her brothers around. She is our loudest child, always cheering for her brothers at their games.

    Juliet Jane "Jules" - Jules is 13 months. She just learned to walk and is getting into everything! She enjoys playing games with her daddy and anyone who comes to visit!


    Shore house:

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