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    Double Middles... Honest Opinions?

    I posted another thread earlier and, based on some of that feedback, created another double middle list. I'd be grateful for any opinions, and I'm just experimenting with some names, so honesty is appreciated!

    Delphina Elisabeth Rose
    Azaria Vivienne Plum
    Ariadne Juliette Grace
    Alessandra Rose Ophelie
    Elysia Waverly Quinn
    Melusine Brianna Maeve
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    Great style, great names !!

    Delphina Elisabeth Rose - love it!!
    Azaria Vivienne Plum - very pretty, but prefer Zara as the first name.
    Ariadne Juliette Grace - beautiful
    Alessandra Rose Ophelie - tasteful & refined, love it
    Elysia Waverly Quinn - very hip yet classic too...great combo...
    Melusine Brianna Maeve - pretty...
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    Delphina Elisabeth Rose - way better than the former combo, no repeating sounds and a variety of syllables
    Azaria Vivienne Plum - beautiful - with two very uncommon names and Vivienne being a bit safer it's perfect
    Ariadne Juliette Grace - again, very nice combo
    Alessandra Rose Ophelie - here, I would have loved to see Ophelia used since Rose Ophelie sounds a bit choppy (due to the emphasis being on the last syllable instead of the "phee")
    Elysia Waverly Quinn - I'm not a fan of either name but they sounds good together
    Melusine Brianna Maeve - Nice but not my style
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    Delphina Elisabeth Rose - I LOVE this. A lot.
    Azaria Vivienne Plum - I quite like this, but I'm not sure I'll ever be convinced by Plum...
    Ariadne Juliette Grace - I'd almost prefer Ariadne Juliet Grace? The -tte seems a bit affected, and doesn't really add anything
    Alessandra Rose Ophelie - feels a bit clunky. Alessandra Ophelia Rose is quite good? Rose and other one-syllable names work well as a third, rather than second, I think.
    Elysia Waverly Quinn - Works, though Waverley usually has the extra E.
    Melusine Brianna Maeve - I'm afraid I don't like this one AT ALL, but hey, each to their own, right?

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