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    Quote Originally Posted by potofgold View Post
    Agreed, sometimes nameberry isn't reliable for meanings/origins. Shay is anglicised from Seaghdha meaning admirable or hawk-like so doesn't mean the same as James unfortunately.
    This. I would recommended Behindthename, it's a more reliable site for meanings and origins. I second the suggestions of Jemma and Jemima.

    Could I have your thoughts in this thread? I'll return the favor.

    (name) = second middle

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    As others have mentioned I wouldn’t use NB as a site for accurate etymology or meaning. This site’s primary awesomeness comes from the forums and the members who post.

    I’d suggest one of these:
    1) Maybe Jaye could work?
    2) Jacob feminizations like Jacobina, Jacqueline could work as well.
    3) Any J name.

    Honestly though... if Shay works for you as a way to honor a James that’s all that matters.
    proud of our little Lorelei (may 2016)

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    I'd opt for Gemme or Gemma. Ste. Gemme is a surname in my ancestry, and research revealed it as a variation of James.

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    I've seen a couple of girls with James as middle name. I am assuming it was to honor a previous James. If you're putting it in the middle I see no problem with just using James even if it is not usually used for girls.

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    I agree that it's the thought that counts. If you feel like Shay is honoring James then it is even if it isn't the same name. I love the suggestion of James for a middle name. If you love Shay though, I'd say go with it. It's definitely acceptable on a girl. My sister is Shea and I knew a girl Shaye and one boy Shea.

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