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Thread: Anahi??

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    What are your opinions on this name?

    And how would you pronounce it?

    Are top choice at the moment is Amaia, which do you prefer Amaia or Anahi?

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    I adore Anahi !! I might be a bit biased because i choose it for a character of mine but i really like it !! Such a beautiful An varation . I pr . Ah - na - hee but iam sure that i definitly pr . It wrong lol .

    I prefer Anahi to Amaia althought both are interesting .
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    I'd say A-na-hi (flat a's, like anna-hee) or Ah-nah-hi (longer a's, if that makes sense)

    I like Anahi but I think I prefer Amaia personally.

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    I love the spanish pronunciation of this name; Ana-ee (h is silent)
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