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    Middlename for Katharina

    Hi! I need your help. I really love the name Katharina, but I can't think of a good middle name for it. Can you tell me your ideas? (you may also tell me middle names for Katerina, Katherine, Katrin and similar names, if you like them better)

    Thank you!
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    It's hard to give suggestions without knowing what kind of names you like, but here are some of different styles. I'd try to pick something one or two syllables long, since Katharina is already fairly long.

    Katharina Mary
    Katharina Rose
    Katharina Imogen
    Katharina Ruby
    Katharina Lark
    Katharina Jeanette
    Katharina Alice
    Katharina Lake
    Katharina Maeve
    Katharina Louise
    Katharina Adele
    Katharina Scarlett (though maybe too Gone With the Wind? Scarlett was actually Katie Scarlett)
    Katharina Spring
    Katharina Victoire
    Katharina Amy
    Katharina Mae
    Katharina Maybelle
    Katharina Willow
    Katharina Iseult
    Katharina Wren
    Katharina Lumi
    Katharina Winter
    Katharina Erin
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    Hi! Thank you so much
    I appreciate your suggestions. You're right about Katharina being long and needing a short middle name.
    I really like how the name goes with Rose, Lark, Adele and Spring. I'll take note.
    Again, thank you!

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