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    Exclamation Urgent! Need Name for Molly and Penny's Brother

    I'm due with our last child, a boy, any day and we *still* don't have a name I love! My name is Abby, my husband is Jesse, and our daughters are Molly and Penny, so I'd like something that can have a similar 2 syllable nickname (ending in an "ee" sound), but it doesn't necessarily need a double letter. I would like to avoid double L's, S's, B's, and N's, so as to prevent confusion when calling for someone across the house, and I prefer no names starting with the same letters (at least M, P, or B-our last name). My husband likes Calvin and I agree is ties together our girls names well, but it bothers me that he won't have a similar but unique nickname (Cali or Vinny are too similar to his sisters). I'm also trying to avoid anything too trendy/popular, so preferably not in the top 75 on SSA's list. We have close friends named Andy and Charlie, otherwise that may have worked. And we seem to like "yip-ster" names if I had to pick a classification. Please help so I feel more prepared for our little man's arrival- thanks!

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    Kellen nn Kelly
    Robert nn Robbie
    William nn Liam, Billy, Will
    Thomas nn Tommy
    Roman nn Manny
    Jameson nn James, Jamie, Jimmy, Sonny

    Sorry this was a tough one for me. Wish I could be of more help!
    ~a mix of favorites and honors~

    Nolan Zachary
    James Patrick
    Benjamin Grant

    Audrey Lucille
    Natalie Brynn
    Zoe Joanna

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    M P A B J

    Archie [fn Archer?]

    Are you looking for a full name with an -ee eding nickname or just the nickname as a standalone name?
    Amity . Anwen . Ceridwen . Eira . Emeline . Emilie
    Enid . Ffion . Julia . Juniper . Matilda . Miriam . Nadia . Noemy
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    Boys names ending in the "ee" sound are not my thing IMO something about it makes it sound feminine. But I'll give it my best shot

    Molly, Penny, and _____:

    Wesley "Wes"
    Jeremiah "Remy"
    Sullivan "Sully"
    Wallace "Wally"
    Tobin "Toby"
    Theodore "Teddy"
    Jamison "Jamie"
    Wilder "Wiley"
    Bodhi "Bo"
    Desmond "Desi"

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