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Thread: Lucy or Zoey?

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    Both are names that any girl would love to have but as a personal choice i prefer Lucy . I think its just so adorable and cute on any age .
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    I think Zoey goes better with your signature names than Lucy. But I prefer Lucy because it she's very well.
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    I love Zoe's meaning in Greek "life". My ancient Greek professor had a daughter named Zoe for that reason.

    I dislike the Zoey spelling very very much, though. The "e" on the end already makes that sound (characteristic of several Greek names) and doesn't need a y. I think of it similar to Chloey, Phoebey, Thisbey, Penelopey...not good at all! Thank God I haven't seen those spellings

    Lucy is darling, so I would go with that
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    Much prefer Lucy. Beautiful name
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    I pick Lucy. I think it is classic and lovely. I admit that part of the reason I choose Lucy is because you want to stick with the spelling Zoey and I really don't like the way it looks. I like Zoe so much more.

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