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    Middle name for Georgiana

    My spouse and I have reached an impasse.
    We need help.
    We've settled on Georgiana as probably the middle name, in memory of departed loved ones on my spouse's side. My taste runs a bit more modern.. but flow is nearly *everything* in a name... and it is proving difficult to find something that works! :P
    I didn't want to post personal info, but it may help find something that sounds right, so.. the baby's last name will be Shiflet.
    Georgiana can also be a first name if we find a name we like that flows better as a middle name.
    Names I am toying with: River, Willow..... I'm lost, honestly.

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    Thank you! Actually, the jury is still out on pronunciation. :P Either George-anna, or George-ee-anna. SO doesn't like the Geor-jay-nuh route. Yet another thing we have to figre out!

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    I love Georgiana (pn. George-ee-ah-nuh), and I've got it as a middle (see signature). It sounds so pretty, it reminds me of Georgiana Darcy from Pride and Prejudice and it's the one name that honours a family member! I also love some of the pp's suggestions of Georgiana Fleur, Georgiana Lilac, Georgiana Marigold, and Lavender Georgiana.

    Firsts (not so good with these):
    Holly Georgiana
    Elizabeth Georgiana
    Melody Georgiana
    Heather Georgiana (I know a Heather who wears it very well)

    I'd also suggest more nature orientated middles (* are my favourites):
    Georgiana Violet*
    Georgiana Iris*
    Georgiana Rue
    Georgiana Autumn (If you don't mind the -a ending, A beginning)
    Georgiana Florence*
    Georgiana Frances
    Georgiana Peony
    Georgiana Bryony*
    Georgiana Poppy*
    Georgiana Linnea
    Georgiana Sky*

    Hope that helped!
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