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    Down to the wire! Final impressions?

    We've got a week (or less) to go and are sticking with finalists James Yoder or William Reece. Thanks to Berries for the input so far! Both middle names are family last names.

    My final question is: what kind of boy or man does each name make you think of? I'm trying to imagine it for myself and wondered what your snap judgment would be of the personality for each name.
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    Both names are great, but i vote William since I don't care for Yoder in the middle.

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    I think James and William are both extremely versatile names. The tie breaker for me would be what, if any, nicknames you'd be using to go with Luke.
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    James Yoder is a yokel, hillbilly, uneducated. William Reece is refined and old fashioned. Nickname Billy would wreck this image though.

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    I actually don't have very many associations with either name honestly. They are both such classics I think they'd suit anyone.

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