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    Quote Originally Posted by weebees View Post
    Thank you so much for the suggestions! Keep 'em coming.
    It's helping!
    I do love the nickname Bash for Sebastian.... Given the "spirit" my boys have- Bash seems appropriate!! I wonder if it would work for any other name?

    My oldests middle name is Banning- last name starts with N.
    Banning Edmund (papa's name) N? Ben?
    What about simply Bastien nn Bash. Bit more modern version of the name.
    The only others I can think of for Bash are

    Using the initials as a nn is a great idea! That's what my sister in law did with both her kids.
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    What about Bond? Brock? Broderick? (nn Brick?)

    I just discovered that Biff is a nickname which can be given to any boy it's not based on their name, so honestly you could give him any name in the world you love and do the nickname Biff or Buddy if you chose!

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    Beau and Beckett are really great names! The first names that sprang to mind were Booker and Bridger because your boys names feel cowboyish to me.
    Beau, Beckett and Blaine
    Beau, Beckett and Brant
    Beau, Beckett and Burton
    Beau, Beckett and Bastien
    sorry for any repeats, good luck!
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    How about Barry?

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