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Thread: My Boys List

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    My Boys List

    I'm struggling with keeping or tossing any names on my list, I like them all but would like to hear what you like about them.
    What are your top three from my boys list?

    Ronan Seth
    Owen Alexander or Owen Jethro
    Judah Flynn
    Emmett Jack
    Asher Bennett
    Eamon Reid
    Leo Benjamin
    Huon Archer
    Lewis Nathaniel

    I have no particular favourite and I'm hoping to get some perspective!
    Please be honest, thanks!
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    We have similar taste in names (some).
    Ronan Seth - love this. Love Ronan especially, and I think Seth complements perfectly.
    Owen Alexander or Owen Jethro - I dunno, Owen Alexander doesn't really do anything for me, so I prefer Owen Jethro. I've thought of Owen Mateo before, which is a bit similar.
    Judah Flynn - not a big Judah fan, but sounds good with Flynn.
    Emmett Jack - I love this.
    Asher Bennett - these go very well together.
    Eamon Reid - nice but I like the Emmett Jack combo more.
    Leo Benjamin - love.
    Huon Archer - nice.
    Lewis Nathaniel - I love Nathaniel as a mn, but I do not like Lewis. They look good together though.
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    Ronan Seth - Ronan is nms, but I think the two names sound really good together.
    Owen Alexander or Owen Jethro - not crazy about either.
    Judah Flynn - LOVE. Judah Flynn was on my boy's list as well, but got vetoed by DH.
    Emmett Jack - I like this.
    Asher Bennett - Love this, too! It does seem a bit trendy, but whatever.
    Eamon Reid - Not bad.
    Leo Benjamin - Not bad.
    Huon Archer - Not really a fan.
    Lewis Nathaniel - I like this, but I would probably like it more if it were Nathaniel Lewis.

    My top 3 would be:

    Judah Flynn
    Asher Bennett
    Emmett Jack
    - Em
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    1. Eamon Reid- Love this! I know the sweetest boy named Eamon (spelt Eamonn), and Reid is a favourite of mine. They sound fantastic together!
    2. Lewis Nathaniel- Great names, and work really well together.
    3. Owen Alexander- neither are particularly my style, but they do sound really good together.

    My least favourite is Huon Archer. I grew up in the Huon in Tasmania, and I'm used to hearing "Huon Valley", "Huon River", "Huon Aquaculture", "Huon Manor", etc... So to me, Huon Archer seems too place namey.
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    @sunkissedchild I have been playing with Huon lately since my husband isn't too keen on Owen; do you like Ewan better?
    BTW, I grew up in Tassie which is where my inspiration for Huon came from

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