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    I like Elsie but not Elsa. If I was you, I would not care much about the Disney association as long as you don't have an Anna. I think Elsa is like Jasmine, not Briar Rose or Aurora - just a normal name used by Disney.
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    Elsa is an awesome name, and Frozen is an awesome movie; It's a win-win I say! Plus Elsa and Oscar work wonderfully together
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    If you love it, you should use it. A Disney association shouldn't keep you from using a name you love.
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    Use it! It's a family name for me, I really love it and when the time comes, I would definitely consider it (if not pick it.) I love Disney, so it's not a bad association to me, little girls love being associated with movies, tv shows and books so personally I think it wouldn't bother an Elsa either. Elsa won't become overtly popular because of Frozen, some still see it as an "old lady" name; but I really don't. As I said, a beautiful name, it goes lovely with Oscar and has significance to you and your husband.
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