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    Piloqutinnguaq = 'sweet little leaf' "pee-lo-qoo-TING-goo-ahq"
    it is Greenlandic it would never fly here in Canada

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    These are all beautiful! And quite eye-opening really, lots of Matildas and a couple of Eloises... but it's interesting that on the whole, it's actually quite far from what's considered ''Berry style''. Not a single Eleanor!

    I think it's likely that what is usually considered NB style is just names that the vast majority consider good names; off the top of my head - Charlotte, Alice, Sylvie, Pearl, Penelope, Violet, Aurora, Clementine etc. rather than a representation of favourites. Very interesting!
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    My favorite name has been Zoe for as long as I can remember. I love how elegant and regal it is, while at the same time being cute and spunky. Unfortunately, DH won't agree to it as a first name due to a poor association with a Zoe, but he doesn't mind if I occasionally use it as a nickname for Isobel, as long as I don't mind him calling her Izzie or Belle instead (which I don't). (Assuming we ever have an Isobel, of course!)
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    (With hesitation,) Isabelle. For years I have loved everything about her (actually, it's probably around 4 years exactly, this month). Her innocence, her French yet classic vibe, her familiarity, her relations to Elizabeth, the nn Bella (which I've loved as long as, if not longer than, Isabelle itself), the accessibility of multiple nns, the way it easily relates to my love of languages (I know I mention it all the time, but it's because I'm so excited about it! I'm learning French--doing quite well, I think, actually!--and I love that "belle" and "bella" respectively mean "beautiful" in so many of the Romance languages). I recently read a story about an Issy (who was an Isadora (Isidora?), but she went by Issy, and I think she's sort of a good image to have--someone with a really great heart, but is carrying around a lot of baggage. She learned to overcome her baggage and get all her dreams, which, really, is anything I could ever want for a daughter of mine. That she be happy and strong and beautiful--especially on the inside.), who made me appreciate Isabelle even more. I also LOVE that it honors the two most important people to me outside my family--I sponsor a little girl in Peru named Is@bel A r u m y who means more than life itself to me, and my best friend was a lifelong Parisienne. I feel like Isabelle is the perfect way to honor both A r u m y and Amelie.

    I think I'm just hesitant about it because I have loved Isabelle for so long. Same thing happens with my favorite boys' name, Caleb, from time-to-time! I have just loved her for so long that I get bored with her sometimes, and want something more exciting. But I can't imagine another name I love nearly half as much, and both Isabelle as a single name, and my combo in full (Isabelle Aurora Grace), has so much significance packed into it that I can't imagine my daughter being named anything else. Besides, I want an Issy/Bella/Ella. haha.

    If I DIDN'T use Isabelle, though, I think I'd go for Anne-Sophie. It's so much fun to say that even though I love Annie, Sophie, and Soph, I'd probably call her Anne-Sophie the majority of the time! It's got such a funky, French sound, and yet it looks so simple, elegant, and classic. Anne and Sophie also have family significance, and I like the idea of using French names, in general, to honor Amelie. I've only recently added her to my list, but I've loved her for nearly as long as I've loved Isabelle--just not to the same extent--and it seems like I can't get enough of her lately!

    So yeah. Isabelle, or Anne-Sophie as a wild card.
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    I have a few I keep juggling around. If I had to choose one today, she would be named Lilia Rose.
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