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    Cruz, Giacinto, Giles, Magnolia, Philomena, Coco

    Cruz (KROOS)
    Giacinto (jah-CHEEN-to)
    Giles (JIE-ahlz)

    Magnolia (mag-NO-lee-ah)
    Philomena (fil-ah-MEEN-ah)
    Coco (KO-ko)

    What do you think about these six names?

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    Cruz (KROOS) - LOVE it! Remind me to Penelope Cruz and Cruz Beckham, not that it's a problem.
    Giacinto (jah-CHEEN-to) - I prefer Giacinta for girls.
    Giles (JIE-ahlz) - Remind me to either Miles or Gillette. Maybe I'm weird..

    Magnolia (mag-NO-lee-ah) - love this.
    Philomena (fil-ah-MEEN-ah) - nms.
    Coco (KO-ko) - chanel. I like this, but only as a nickname.
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    Cruz- Nms
    Giacinto- Not a fan, I agree with the pp, that Giacinta for girls is a bit nicer.
    Giles- Quite like it, but I'd say it as 1 syllable.

    Magnolia- Pretty name, plus it reminds me of the flowers.
    Philomena- Love it! The frilliness is great.
    Coco- Would be an adorable nickname.
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    I love Cruz and Magnolia (as a way to get to Nola). Not a fan of the others.
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