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    Nickname Dilemma

    Hi y'all! We are for sure naming our third son Wayland and today, as we started to decorate the nursery after painting, I came across a slight roadblock...nicknames. Our other two sons have nicknames, Whit for Whitney and occasionally we'll call Knox Junior. With Wayland I can't find any nicknames besides "Way", which is just....ew.

    My DH siad Tripp, but that is what everybody called me as a teen with little to no coordination.

    Any ideas?
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    Wade? or Lando/Landy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jtay07 View Post
    Wade? or Lando/Landy?
    I agree with these suggestions, I think Wade would work best because it combines the sounds from the beginning, middle and end of Wayland!
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    I would say Wade or Andy. You could call him Trace as in the uno dos tres (3) since he is the third son. Trace still sounds kinda cowboyish like Wayland
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