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    A middle name for Annabelle

    Well after months and months I think we have decided that we both really like Annabelle (nn Anna, Belle or whatever else seems to work when she's here) for DD2 (sister for Emily Grace).

    Now we need a middle name. Our last name starts with E so we have to look out for any initials like (ALE, AGE etc).

    So far we like:

    Annabelle Jane
    Annabelle Ivy
    Annabelle Clara (initials would be ACE which we think is pretty ace!)
    Annabelle Charlotte

    What do you think of the options? Anything else you think would go well?

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    We have an Annabelle, but her middle name is a family name--Alden. I love Annabelle Jane, as Jane is the name we've chosen for our. 3rd girl I don't think Charlotte or Clara work as well, tho I love the names. Also, fwiw, our Annabelle became "Annie", which we weren't expecting but is so fitting for her personality.

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    Annabelle Charlotte is beautiful!!

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    Thinking about...Milena, Sylvia
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    Annabelle Kate came to my mind right away.
    Theodore Arthur

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