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    This child may be name our 3rd boy please.

    Hey all,

    I am due in July with our third boy, fourth child. We can't agree on names at all this time, when our other two boys were super easy to name. Our daughter was hard, and we had a girl name for this baby...but its a boy

    So our kids names are

    Finn Ryan
    Eva June
    Rhys John

    all have family middle names, and since our last name is irish we try to stay english/irish sounding but its not completely just has to go with the feel of our kids names.

    So far I LOVE Beau, but DH doesnt love it like I do. He likes Wyatt and Rhett. But they are so so for me. We like short names wth no nicknames, and they have to be names, not surnames. I love one syllable boys names, but Im open to 2 syllables. We live in SC if that means anything. Our last name starts with K. We also prefer them to have different initials, so no F E or R names. We also want a strong name.

    I really want to stay out of the top 100 in terms of popularity, but would settle for out of the top 50.

    Names we can't use bc we have animals/friends kids/nephews by these names :


    Ok, thanks all I really appreciate any help! We are lost.


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    I personally really like Beau! I'm not big on Wyatt, but I do like Rhett. I would also suggest:
    Reid (probably too close to Rhys though)

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    With your other children's wonderful names, I really like:

    I'm sure you'll stumble upon something great!

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    Hmm ok let's see. First name that comes to mind is Shane. Shane, Finn, Eva and Rhys. I also think Grant would be a great fit but that may be too surnamey for you.

    According to the Baby Name Wizard book, names that go well with Finn are Owen, Declan, Jude, Leif, Jasper and Rowan.

    Names that go well with Rhys are: Griffin, Owen, Pryce, Bevan, Wynn, Vaughn.

    Names that go with Eva: Henry, Leo, Oscar, Sam, Felix, Oliver, Emmett.

    Of all those options, I think Owen is darling with Rhys, Eva, and Finn.

    I cross referenced a few Celtic and "Brisk and Breezy" style names listed in the book: Baird, Blaine, Brice, Cai, Craig, Graeme/Graham, Ian, Kane, Keane, Kerr, Liam, Neil/Niall, Sean, Shane, Shea, Wynn.

    Other one syllable names similar to Beau: Beck, Brooks, Blake, Bram, Brant

    Similar to Rhett: Shane, Austin, Reid, Wyatt, Beau, Trace

    Similar to Wyatt: Carson, Sawyer, Beckett, Jackson, Levi, Lincoln, Deacon, Cooper. I would say this list won't work for you. Almost all of these names are surnames.

    I looked up Hugh because it fits your criteria and it gave me similar names of: Guy, Ellis, Clark, Reid, Lewis, Foster.

    The Baby Name Wizard by Laura Wattenberg is where I got almost all of this info from and it is a great tool. It has tons of style lists and sibling name suggestions and popularity charts. It is great for cross referencing names to find the perfect one for your baby! I would highly recommend it
    Ladies: Lucy Josephine, Emilia Margaret, Audrey Lucille

    Gentleman: Morgan Zachary, Gavin Thomas, Avery Glen

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