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    So many pretty names! Since Anna is a simple, elegant classic I tried to pick first names that weren't too frilly.

    Alice Grace
    Cara Rose
    Leah Selene

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    My list of Honor Names, Favorites, and
    Just names I find interesting:
    GIRLS: Alda, Aldina, Bernice, Carolina, Esmeralda, Glenna, Glennora, Josephine, Lillian, Oliviera, Rosemarie, Valentina
    EITHER: Augustine, Harley, Harlen, Ocean, Perry, River, Rowan
    BOYS: Alden, Brooks, Euan, Ezra, Gable, Glenwell, Isaac, Jasper, Julian, Mattias, Oliver, Oswald, Wells

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    Momma of Julius 'Jules' Tate & Eden Sophia

    Rosalie Florence//Laurel Vivienne//Helena Fleur//Flora Josephine
    Isaac Reid//Felix Jasper//Avery Jasper//Emmanuel Felix

    Little One Is Welcomed Around Mid-June

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    Thank you for all the lovely combos guys!

    We especially like Eva Lily, Alice Rosemarie, Nina Violet [we already had this one on our list ] and Maya Grace, to name a few.

    But we really like them all!
    Anna Sofia & Eva Celeste

    Foster // Ivor // Caspar // Gideon
    Lily // Laurel // Nina // June

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